RCA volume control

I am new to khadas production.
Bought a Tone2 pro, connected to the PC via USB, installed a driver, connected via a linear output to the desktop speakers and found that I could not control the volume of sound through the volume knob.
Please tell me, is this even possible?
If yes - what I need to do?

and the other question: is it okay that it is very hot? if I put palm even a little hurt…

Yes, I guess you connect tone2 pro to an active speaker through RCA cable,right?
If yes, you cannot control the RCA volume through knob in the normal mode.
If you want to control the RCA volume, you should adjust your tone2 pro to Pre-AMP mode.You can follow the steps below.

  1. Double-click the knob by pulling down until you enter to gain mode.The LEDs are showing two colors,green and red.

  2. Rotate the knob by clockwise until you can see 3 LEDs turn to green,that means you adjust gain mode to pre-amp mode.

  3. Double-click the knob by pulling down until you go back to volume mode,the LEDs color is only turquoise.

You can know the details from the usual manual.

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yes, Edifier R2000DB.

did everything by the manual.
flashed tone2pro-xmos-v1.41-221201 and tone2pro-xmos-hid-v1.41-221201.
now the knob controlling works, but the volume control in the system has stopped working (Windows 10).
is that supposed to happen?

The difference between V1.41 and hid-V1.41 is that you cannot or can control volume by khadas audio dashboard.
You can burn two firmwares and open khadas audio dashboard to see the difference.

  • tone2pro-xmos-v1.41-221201,no volume control.
    no HID

  • tone2pro-xmos-hid-v1.41-221201,the HID volume can be controlled by audio Dashboard.

after installing tone2pro-xmos-hid-v1.41-221201, there was no sound.
and after installing tone2pro-xmos-v1.41-221201, the sound appeared and the adjustment worked

Do you restart tone2 pro after you install hid version firmware?
And can your PC recoginize tone2 pro after you install hid version firmware?
And I recommend you’d better use USB C to C to supply tone2 pro.

I reinstalled tone2pro-xmos-hid-v1.41-221201 and volume tab appeared.
all works fine now.
thanks a lot!

@Eric68 , and what about temperature?
earlier i mentioned that it’s very hot.

About the temperature you can see this post.