Questions about the Tone2 Maker Kit

When will the Tone2 Maker Kit be available?


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Pre-order is available now and we will ship out the orders on later October.

Have fun!

What are the default filter settings for the Tone2 Maker Kit?


I mean with the Tone2 Maker Kit there is no Volume Knob, so I assume there are only default settings similar to the Tone1. Correct?

If I am right, so what are the default settings?

Maybe someone of the Khadas team can answer this question?

@Eric68 ?

Thx. Matt


  • Tone2 Maker Kit is made for DIY customers,similar to Tone1,it is updated version of Tone1.

  • Tone2 is a high performance DAC with balanced RCA output.

  • Tone2 Maker Kit and Tone2 have the same mainboard. The difference is the form.Tone2 Maker Kit is sold PCBA,but Tone2 is finished.

  • As to volume control,both Tone2 and Maker Kit can control volume through rotary knob on the top like Tone2 Pro.The volume can be hardware volume and USB HID volume.

  • About the default setting,Tone2 and Maker Kit have 3 default settings,default volume is 50%, default audio input is USB,default filter is Apodizing.

Thank you for your attention to our products.

So the “rotary knob” is included also with the Maker Kit?
As I intend to use the Maker Kit with an analogue preamp I want to have 100% volume output.


Yes.You can use both Maker kit and Tone2 finished.