Problems Solved Button


Hi, Forks:
Khadas Forum add a Solved Button in some categories like Technical Support, which allows users to accept solutions on topics.

If a reply/answer solve your problem, please follow the guidance below to mark the it as a solution:

1. Choose the accepted answer/reply, and then click the show more button:

2. Click the Solved Button:

3. After that, the accepted answers will be highlighted on the initial topic:

4. And if a topic has a solution we will display a special icon in the topic list:


  • The topic creator has this button to mark it as solved.
  • The admin has override power with Solved button.
  • If a topic is closed/frozed you can not set a solution
  • If the topic creator selects an answer it will become “locked” after a configurable period of time, after which they may not select a different answer.

Thanks and enjoy!

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