Problem with nvme memory

In Android its still same problem. In Linux it’s OK. Maybe I must make actualization Android

What specific Android firmware version is on your Edge? I will check it tonight.

Since your drive is fully compatible with Edge, please try this image and report.

Edge_Qt_V200908 - this version android i have

here is the latest firmware for android10

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As Vladimir.v.v suggested, update to the latest version, shown in the link he provided.
The image Vladimir.v.v posted is to a firmware image that is flashed to the Edge using USB cable, a PC and the Rockchip Android tool.
Keep us posted.

Yes, you can try, but I think at the moment, Android Pie has a better chance of working correctly with ssd. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok. I think now it’s working. Thank You

I installed this firmware. Now I think it’s OK. You are suggesting working now on this firmware and no change for other?

Congratulations on your success! yes, I advise you to stay on Android Pie, and stay tuned to Android 10 on the Khadas forum!

I have not observed any issues with NVMe on Qt_20200908. That being said, Android 10 is a WIP and I agree Android 9 is more mature.

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Hello, thanks for the information. It’s hard for me to say, maybe someone from Khadas will take note of this.

I compared the nvme drivers of Android 10 and Android 9.0 and found that they are very different.
Can you provide the kernel log of Android 10?

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@Unappu 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

Sorry. This is no the end of the problem. It is impossible to copy anything to this m2 disk or even create a empty catalog. An attempt to format from the settings level also fails. When I first started g-parted on linux, the program informed me that there is no partition table on the disk. I chose the type ms dos. Then I wanted to create a partition to ex fat was not available so I started ext4

sorry i do not understand the question. now i have Android 9 installed