Problem with nvme memory

Khadas Team member goenjoy has requested a kernel log from the Edge. The log will help Khadas and others with the analysis.

Otherwise, when I installed Total Commander, a file manager, it asks for permission to R/W storage. Once permission is granted, I have no issues with writing to the drive. I don’t use the default file manager in Android, so I cannot comment on it.
I think I have Android 9 on one of the Edges, tonight I will double check it.

mayby its problem with Super User Root I no give this to Xplore and Total Comanger.

I give root pemition to x-plore and total comager and nathing its chance

What Can I do with this?

please Goenjoy Your e-mail, then I try send You Kernel Logs from my computer
You can upload to this disk.

I had no issue writing to the SSD on Android 9 Firmware version 20190912. Not sure what is causing your issue. Hopefully goenjoy can determine something from the log.

Regarding the method you are using to physically mount the SSD to the Edge-V. Without a way to secure the drive, I wonder if a possible misalignment between the SSD and the M.2 slot could be contributing to the issue.

Browser Brave correctly downloaded in this localisation. I send this in kernel log

This log kernel when I try copy files to m2 disk with total commanger

What you give me is not kernel log, but Android log.
I carefully looked at the pictures you sent. Nvme disk can read and write. Are you mistaken?

Ok. Todey after 5 Pm I try lern whot is Kernel Log. And I try send You. Sorry for problem

A kernel log can be gained using a serial to USB adapter and a program called Putty. See here. The adapters are usually very inexpensive.

I send e-mail to serwis for information where I bay this adapter. this computer is from this shop

@Unappu I found one that is applicable for you, same from :slight_smile:

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Ok. Thank You. I try this