Power on vim3 by ir is possible?

when vim3 is shutdown(blue led lighting), can be power on by ir remote?

I set my VIM3 to stay off when power is applied, so I cannot test this specifically. However, my VIM3 powers on with an IR remote, and I am fairly certain it did before I modified the setting.

Of course, as long as the unit is turned on and your remote is synchronized with your Khadas, the receiver works.
Like the principle of Wake On Lan, with the difference that two devices are connected by ethernet, if your Khadas is off but it is powered, you can turn it on remotely with another device.
You can consider that the blue led is a signal waiting to start.

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Hi. I was woundering how I can get my Samsung TV Remote to Power ON the VIM3.

Currently the VIM3 is shutting down when I press the Power button on my TV Remote. The white led switches off. I think this works due to CEC on TV.

But I can not geht the VIM3 to Power ON with the TV Remote. What do I need to do? Is it even possible to Power On the VIM3 with the IR Samsung TV Remote?

Hi, RDFTKV. Tell me, please, how you set VIM3 to stay off when power is applied?

See here. Check section, “Boot Trigger events”.
This is done using a Serial debug tool.

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Thanks, I’ll try. But all this, described by reference, is not for ordinary users. Was it really impossible to do this in the device settings?

It may seem a little overwhelming at first glance, but it is not too difficult. I am no expert, but I can likely assist you if you want to try it.
In the meantime, I will see if there is another, possibly easier, way to do it.
I do not believe this can be accomplished via Android settings.

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Hello, I do not use CEC so I am unfamiliar with its settings. I will check on it tonight and post my findings.

@damianar1984 I looked in the CEC Control settings. As stated, I don’t use CEC here and have little experience with it. I see no setting for Power On.
You could try some of the settings and see how it goes.

Unless your Samsung remote has a learning function and you have the Khadas IR remote to teach it, I do not see a way to power on the VIM3 with it. Someone with CEC experience may have an idea.

The VIM3 can be booted by other means, such as WoL and RTC timer, etc, if that is of interest to you.

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Good day, RDFTKV. Thank you for the help offered. I’ll try a little later, not now.
That this can be done using the Android settings.
I expect this in firmware from Khadas.

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Khadas offers Krescue, it is a utility that runs from a bootable SD card, it offers several functions. It is easy to use and does not modify the installed OS to run.
I asked about adding KBI to Krescue. While some KBI functions are already available in Krescue, Boot Trigger Events is not yet one of them. Krescue’s author, @hyphop, says full KBI function is planned for Krescue. Other functions are planned for it too. When the new features are added, I think you will find it beneficial in setting up your VIM3.

I also dropped a hint about that too.:grin:


plz dowload new image https://dl.khadas.com/Firmware/Krescue/dump/

some kbi function already presented in menu

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Thank you RDFTKV.

Usually the Box should be powered on/off without CEC. That’s why Khadas is selling a remote.

With CEC my old PI3B+ also worked. I could start it with getting a signal via HDMI when I turned on my TV, that also works with Khadas but I don’t need therefore a infrared sensor which was integreated in the VIM3L. Besides I have to wait at least 5 Seconds after I turned the TV On to get a Signal to the VIM3L - That’s not how it should work.

Right now the Khadas Remote and the infrared sensor are useless.

Can please a Khadas member answer to this thread.

Yes, it is looking better and better, very nice. I think I noticed some new features under the Advanced category too.
Nice work hyphop.