Power issues on Edge-V Max

When I connect a USB-C PD charger the device goes into a short (~8 second) boot loop, during which the screen (HDMI or DP) never turns on. The red light turns on for a few seconds, the blue light flashes a couple of times, then the red light goes off for a second and on again, this repeats over and over. I’ve tried a 87W MacBook Pro charger as well as an (arguably underpowered) 18W Google Pixel charger.

The only power source that works for me is a MacBook Pro USB-C port.

Looking at the spec of my charger (https://gtrusted.com/apple-87w-usb-c-power-adapter) it can deliver 5V@2.4A, 9V@3A or 20V@4.35A, so I’m a bit puzzled.

Can anyone help?

I’m still struggling with this. Does anyone have the same issue?

Hello, I have not had power issues with the Edge-V when powering with the Khadas 24w PD power supply.
Do you have a way to confirm the operation and output of the Apple PD PS? Possibly something is not communicating Power Delivery data between the Edge-V and the PD PS. Have you tried a different cable?
What OS and version are you using on your Edge-V?

Both power supplies are regularly used to power several other PD devices, and tried swapping cables. I have no tools to debug PD, unfortunately.

I’m using the latest Khadas-built Ubuntu, but had the same issue with different versions of Android.

I don’t know why it is happening. Possibly one of the Khadas Team can help. Not sure who to ask, @Gouwa, @goenjoy or @tsangyoujun will have a better idea.

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Hi, can I get a response from the support team on this, please?

Here, the board seems to have no problem.

@Totti Can this specification be met?
@coudy Can you try other chargers?

I don’t have any other power sources but can borrow some if this would help.

Is this the best place to get support? There’s been no progress since I first posted over a month ago.

Just curious, are you using the USB-C PD port on the bottom of the board. See image…

Yes. I’m using the other USB-C port for DP.

but why did you decide that the problem is voltage ?! Is your firmware correctly installed?
Have you ever logged in?

I believe the Edge-V defaults to 12 volts for PD negotiation. The charger you list has no 12v mode. If negotiations fail to agree between Edge-V and PD PS, the charger will set a lower output to insure safety. At least that is how I understand it. Also it is my understanding that the 12v PD default can be changed, but I don’t know how that is done. I saw something about it on these forums, I have not located it yet. Searching on my phone is laborious, I will look closer when I get to a PC.

judging by the description, the problem is with the correct installation of the firmware.

now you have a “brick”
How do you install the firmware?
First you need to determine the board. Then correctly flash.

What is the output voltage? 5V? 9V? 20V?

I’m away from my desk, I’ll find out at the weekend.

Are we talking about voltage with the MacBook power source, i.e. when the board fails to boot? Where on the board should I plug my multimeter?

@Vladimir.v.v This is not a “brick”. With the MacBook Pro port I can indeed log in, use my screen, keyboard, mouse, network, etc. on Android, I can also flash Debian and use that.

@RDFTKV @goenjoy Am I reading the spec wrong? Input Voltage Range is 5V to 20V, so it would seem defaulting to 12V is a spec violation.

@goenjoy Can you clarify your question about output voltage?