VIM3 boot loop with Apple 18W PD power supply

My VIM3 gets in a boot loop (boots a few seconds till Khadas logo and then reboots) when using an original Apple 18W USB-C PD charger (from an iPhone 11 Pro). Is this a known issue?

I also tested an original Apple 61W USB-C PD charger (from a MacBook Pro) and using that one my VIM3 is booting fine. I tested both PSU’s with different high quality USB-C to C cables and all yield the same results.

However, when using the same 18W Apple charger with a Samsung USB-C to A adapter and a USB-A to C cable the VIM3 also boots fine. I think what happens is that the adapter causes the charger to stay at 5V and not activate any PD voltage switching. Perhaps the switching to a different voltage as per PD standards causes a short interruption in the power supply resulting in the VIM3 to reboot?

I would really like to use the 18W Apple charger because I know they are up to the highest safety standards and made of high quality components, and I have a spare one lying around anyways.

Can anything be done to get the Apple 18W PSU to work with my VIM3 while retaining PD functionality?

I’m having a similar issue: Power issues on Edge-V Max.

Well my VIM3 is booting fine with the 61W Apple PSU so I’m not sure we’re facing the same issue. Maybe try a USB-C to A adapter like I used and see if that gets your Edge booting at 5V?

Anyways, it seems that posting on this forum is a waste of time regarding support: there isn’t any.

friend, now is a Chinese holiday, it will last until February 1.
they should answer you, but I believe that you will solve the problem earlier :slightly_smiling_face: good luck to you!
By the way, I have no problems, I also use the power supply almost like you!