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I tried more than 10 different videos (they are posted on the NAS within the local network), the latency is the same everywhere. What sources do you use ? What model BT use ? Give links to samples of videos, where there is a different lag.
Preferably, something other users have written works for them (standard and gap). It is likely that this is a problem specific headphone models\firmware.


The problem is not in the video, if you look without headphones, the sound does not fall behind - the offset is 0 ms.
Headphone №1: Bluedio R+ (bt v4.0) - sound displacement is stable 125 ms.
Headphone №2: EDIFIER W855BT (bt v4.1) - sound lags in the range of 500 to 1300 ms.
When using a bluetooth adapter (orico bta-403 bt v4.0, orico bta-408 bt v4.0), the offset is 0 ms or very close to this value.
The problem is definitely related to bt v4.2 Khadas boards.

Forgot to mention. I play video from my home library on wi-fi.


I have a problem with LE ver 8.0.2 (build may 5 2017)
My wireless network is connected, with an IP from dhcp but I cannot ssh to my vim, also my vim cannot connect the internet (browsing addon from reposity is not possible, err “could not connect to reposity”).
Please help me out.


Try to test connect via a wired network and check in this mode. I don’t have version 4.1, so I can’t check.

Configured and enabled SSH access ?


Yes. I have already enable ssh via service tab.
Assigning IP to Vim is ok but no networking is available, no ssh/LAN, no internet. My other devices can connect to the internet via the same wireless networking. So I guess the problem is the LibreELEC/VIM.
Ubuntu cannot connect to the internet as well. I will try restoring to android to check the wireless. Last time I checked everything was fine with stock android :frowning:


now checked connection with ssh when connected only to WiFi (5GHZ). Everything works and the root user is connecting without problems.

Try deleting the connection on the router , something it was re-created. Possible when installing to eMMC changed the MAC address and the binding have remained. You connect to VIM over SSH when run from external media ?


I have LE on eMMC, Ubuntu on TF. None can connect to internet. At the moment I’m restoring to stock android to check if it can connect to internet.


Try connecting to a wired network, includes VIM with a wired network, check the operation with a wired network. Then disconnect the wires from the connector of the network card and try to configure the WiFi (without turning off the power of VIM).


Stock Android can connect to the internet fine via wireless network.
I don’t have any available wired network, so I cannot test your suggestion right now. Maybe I will do it later.
When I installed LE, I deleted dtb.img on TF card because system couldn’t boot. Without dtb.img I could boot into LE then I rebooted/installed into eMMC. Maybe the step deleting dtb.img was the cause???

  1. What firmware (which Android) now you have in eMMC ?
  2. Try to run LE with external media and check how it will work WiFi.
  3. What image Armbian on the SD card and what dtb it use ?

Checked himself Armbian works fine with WiFi in both cases (manually copying the dtb and without this file).


Thank you for your time.

  1. Stocked Android in eMMC: Vim_Marshmallow_20170303
  2. Run LE on ext media: build 05-05-2017
  • Default dtb.img: cannot boot
  • No dtb.img or dtb.img from Vim_LibreELEC_V170116.7z : boot ok
  • When boot successfully, connect to WIFI ok, could not ping to VIM, could not connect to reposity, could not ssh, same IP as android.
  1. Run Armbian on ext media: Armbian_5.27_S9xxx_Debian_jessie_3.14.29_xfce_20170501
  • With default boot (no dtb.img): graphics is mess up => I cannot do anything
  • Copy dtb3.14.29/kvim.dtb -> dtb.img: boot successfully, no graphics glitch
  • Connected to WIFI ok, but could not ping to VIM, cannot browse the internet, same IP as android.


What model You have VIM (2\8) or VIM Pro (2\16) ?


My model is VIM 2GB RAM / 8GB eMMC.


I’m VIM Pro (2\16). Now I understand why we have different Wi-Fi access. I’ll try to put the option of fix for VIM , but I don’t have that model so I won’t be able to test it.


If I can help you anything to make the fix, please tell me. Thanks for your precious time.


If You have the opportunity, check the Wi-Fi in the previous images 20170418 and 20170323.


No problem. I will try those when I have time.


I found some clues. Today I hook up VIM at another place, connect to another WIFI and it worked fine. Here is my network map, all are wireless:
internet <-> router A (dhcp) <-> router B (dhcp) <-> router C (no dhcp, bridge to B)

  • When I connect to router C (dhcp via router B): only stock Android can connect to the internet, LibreELEC can not.
  • When I connect to router B: all can connect to the internet, both Android and LibreELEC.
  • IP on both B or C are the same which is offered by router B.

Both router B and router C are connectable and usable by other devices than VIM, such as ps3, smartphone, smarttv…


You can check to reset all bindings to the MAC addresses of routers B and C and to perform the first start VIM with the launch of LE ? It’s also possible that LE\Ubuntu causes error too long chain to gain access or timeouts.


@balbes150 what repo are you building from ? Thanks.