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  1. After upgrading the internal memory (recording new firmware version) it is necessary to re-activate the multi-boot. After writing new firmware , multiboot is disabled, because u-boot to VIM it is not added to the level of the firmware.
  2. After writing the image LE to the media, be sure to remove the existing media file “dtb.img” (this file is for other models of TV boxes)
  3. Rename the file on the media (pay attention not to copy and rename) the remote.conf.vim in remote.conf. After performing these steps, LE will be able to start from external media.


Update Krypton ver (20170505)


Thoroughly tested this version… Excellent build of LE… really whips the Pi’s ass.

Just a couple of things that slightly bug me.

  • With external DVD drives. When ejecting a disc it closes the tray straight away. I presume that’s all to do with team Kodi/LibreElec rather than just your build.

  • De-interlace method for DVD and Live TV. Is hardware method the only one available as I noticed on my TV it’s not really de-interlacing the image?

great work, and many thanks for your time and effort.

I think they should put your builds in the Firmware section for all to use.


I don’t quite understand the question


in other versions of Kodi, including Android builds, you have various methods as to how you can de-interlace a live TV siginal or DVD. These methods differ depending on what device you have and its processing method.

While making comparisons between Kodi on various platforms, and a bit of reading up on the subject, I’ve decided its not issue after all and is the only method offered by the amcodec.

many thanks for your quick response.


hi! thank you for your great job! my question: is there any way to build osmc with more up to date kernel for vim. my dvbsky s960ci was not found in the arch64 3.14. kernel and i am not smart enough to kompile it by myelf. any suggstions for it? thank you!


Work on adding a version with the new kernel is underway, but it is not a quick process.


thank you for the information!


Dear Balbes150 ,how to update previous version installed on EMMC?


Copy to the directory Update a file with the extension “.tar” and restart the system.


Excuse me, @balbes150 . I am going to install LE on eMMC because I don’t have an microSD and I don’t want to lose an usb port for LE. What I want to ask is: Can I roll back to Android on eMMC if demand?
Thank you for your great LE port, much appreciate.


You can before you install a LE in eMMC to do a full backup of the entire contents of eMMC in the future at any time to return the contents of the eMMC to that state (this is an exact copy of the entire system along with the loader and all the settings at the time of the backup). For this You can use an additional USB flash drive or SD card with recorded on it with Linux (Ubuntu or Debian or ArchLinux or Gento). There are options for Linux with a graphical environment or a minimal server options, You can use any option that You prefer. The process of creating backup copies easy. To record an image on the medium, run your system, open a terminal and run one command (to run the script backup). The script automatically will create a full backup on an external drive. Note that external media must have sufficient free space for the backup.


Installed Libreelec 8 (from 05/05/17) from the esteemed balbes150. Bluetooth is unstable. The sound lags in the range from 125 ms to 1300 ms. Periodically there are stuttering sounds.
When you connect an external Bluetooth adapter (orico bta-403, bta-408), there is no lag or it is very close to 0. There are no stuttering.
Tested on headphones with bluetooth versions 4.0 and 4.1.
On older builds, libreelec has a similar problem.
Any ideas how to fix the problem, please.


In the near future I will try to check the work of BT.


Thank you. This is the only problem that I got into libreelec all the time. In the rest everything works fine.


Thanks for your detail instruction. Imagine I have the following scenario:

  • LE on eMMC.
  • Ubuntu on USB plug-ined
    Does VIM with LE eMMC automatically boot USB first? Or do I have to make some steps like in Android (System->About->UpdateLocal…)?

  1. Download\unzip\record on USB storage Ubuntu
  2. To activate the multi-boot
  3. To start Ubuntu from external media and create a full backup of the eMMC
  4. Keep in a safe meta (on a PC) the file is a backup (it is located in the directory /ddbr on an external drive)
  5. To write LE to external media
  6. Start LE with external media and install to eMMC.

Pay attention that installation on eMMC is only possible in firmware Android 6 . Here is an example of the screen with the backup.


Yes, there is a lag in sound. I checked this solution, set the offset to the lower side (1.3 s). The sound is synchronized.

When playing video “audio setup” - “audio Offset”


I tried to compensate for the gap by offset. This is not a panacea.
An interesting point, on headphones with bluetooth 4.0, the lag of the sound is stable - 125 ms. On headphones with bluetooth 4.1, the lag of the sound is 500-1300 ms and floats in this range.
Can bluetooth libs be obsolete?

LibreELEC for Khadas VIM (SD & USB & eMMC)