OPENCL implementation on VIM3

I am starting to use the GPUs on the VIM3. The clinfo info command indicates that the GPU is configured as 1 device with 2 compute units and can support a maximum work group size of 384 with a work item dimension of 3.

Few questions:

I was under the impression that there were 4 GPU cores. Is this incorrect?

Do the two compute units each map to a GPU core? If not, what is the mapping from compute units to cores?

Does the work group size of 384 map to a number of shader cores in each compute unit?

How does the work item dimension of 3 map to a platform/physical core model for your implementation of OPENCL on the VIM3?



Hello, Welcome to the community.
The Khadas Team is on holiday and will return on 06 May. Hopefully one of the other users can answer your question before then.
In the meantime, there is quite a bit of documentation on the A311D in the downloads section, such as the Datasheet Hopefully something there can help.

regd. this please refer to this topic:

the “mp” notation is outdated by today’s standard, and is wrongly listed on the spec sheet (it is supposed to be mentioning the number of execution engines in the GPU)