Not a fan of those little cooling pads

I can see using a pad on the bottom of the board but ide prefer if the heatsink was sitting right on the CPU and used thermal paste.

I have the VIM3 with the A311D chip, maybe i have the wrong heatsink for it?

It’s how it is.
Not ideal.

I ordered one of THESE
Haven’t got it yet so can’t say how good it is.

Is there an outline what needs to be milled out so the heatsink sits down right on the chip?

There was another heatsink i found when searching around that was milled out for the gigabit lan chip

Which heatsink do you have ?

Pictures would be helpful.

Its the newer thin VIM heatsink with the 16 fins

Im not sure i can do that, im not all that smart

WOAH! it worked!!

I I I cant believe it :crazy_face:

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There was nothing to be milled from the heatsink but you need to grind the extra part of the top case to make it sit properly above the Fan as one side of the fan blocks the space of the GPIO cut on the top side.

I will try to share a picture so you can just grind the plastic and trim the walls of the cut.

I did notice the case doesnt sit properly, since i dont use those pins i just flipped the top case around and now it sits flat.

That’s a nice trick. I didn’t know that’s possible :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok then Good Luck. Do share the pic of the top case fitting upside down :wink:

No its not upside down, the little door that covers the pins is just on the backside instead of over the pins, does that make sence?

It actually fits flush that way

how about my Edge-V? im using artic-silver on the sink to chip till the actual heatsink comes in. I hope it fits, i thought i did enough research to order the right stuff if not ill just buy another unit and build another one with the left over parts lol

RK3399 1 RK3399 2

Oh well this doesn’t look like official Khadas Heatsink :frowning:

Vim’s Heatsink
Only Heatsink

Fan fixed on Heatsink

When Fitted