No more SDBoot possible after Update to VIM3L_Pie_V200624

I recently flashed:VIM3L_Pie_V200624. to my Vim3L – after that, boot from SD was not possible any more!

  • neither via POWER+FUNCTION button combo
  • nor via AML_AUTOBOOT
    ==> Only a screwed up boot menu appears.

After that reverted back to:

  • VIM3L_Pie_V200320
  • VIM3L_Pie_V191011
    (same issue!)

Tested with:
coreelec 9.2.3 (fresh & old SD)
emuelec 3.7

Booting KRESCUE only brings up bootloader - but KRESCUE is not starting!


Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

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Try using TST upgrade method,
plug in a live powered USB cable, and within 2 seconds press the middle function button 3 times… the blue LEDs should blink 2-3 times then subside for 5 seconds and SD boot should happen…

Ensure your SD card data is not corrupted…,

one last thing… while burning with USB-burning tool
try to enable “Erase all…”

Hope it helps…

hello, use this method to try to enter Krescue

Blinking is there with a slightly different coloured Khadas Logo… After 2 seconds it changes to the normal logo and boots up Android:
[ video here: ]

exactly same happens when using the Krescue_boot from readme:

#### Android default firmware

+ unplug usb cable
*+ insert SD card with Krescue *
*+ press and hold POWER_KEY *
+ plug usb cable and wait LED blinking after u can unpress POWER_KEY
+ ok Krescye system bootup from SD

I guess something is really messed up with my SD-Boot/SD-Slot - functionality! **
** (tested 3 different SDcards, btw.)

make sure Krescue is the latest version for vim3L.

Is the SD slot ok?

You can figure it out from the Android system

Of course - all SDcard get recognized (aml_autoscript can be bootet, but after boot it screws up) - I can post a video of that if it helps ! – Thank you!!

and what power supply? you have a very strange situation

Tested with an 2,5A and a 9V (using this power supply for 2 years now, on different boxes!)
also tested another power-cable.

As said: device runs perfectly and I can flash different OS via Amlogic Burning Tool without any probs! (note: I am using Amlogic tvboxes since s905, and me and many! friends have those from me, so this box is my 20th or so) :wink:

Never had any problems with the vim3L, it all started to happen after flashing latest Android: So I really think, this is whats causing the issue - but my knowledge isnt that deep into system/boot/OS partitions and stuff: CAN the latest Android alter (maybe some boot-sectors or sth like this) after starting up inside my Vim3L, which becomes permanent, even after flashing an OLD android with burning tool ?? (all official khadas vim3L release!)

I do not think that the matter is in the firmware, but still try another power supply for 12V 2A

why 12V ? this would break my device ?!!

the VIM3L has capable USB-PD system, to accept a wide variety of voltages and current… eg. khadas 24w power adapter can supply
12v 2A ,9v 3A ,5v 4A…

Higher voltage, can support higher load capacity…

OK, will try: but I really do not see the logics behind it - flashed my khadas around 10x without problems with exactly this setup - now not even Krescue boots - so: what can I do ? :frowning:

it happens, don’t be surprised, but it’s certainly not 100%, but you have to work out all the options, vim3L is also a demanding board

Tested with 9V QC and 12V power supply - absolutely same behavior :: should I mail customer services ?

tomorrow will be a working day, maybe someone from the Khadas team can tell you

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by the way, can you access Krescue via USB?

you need to have mainline uboot in the eMMC for that…
or the mainline uboot somewhere…

yes, but if you sew via USBBurningTool, there should be no problem with this

BUMP :frowning:

Hi ,what happened ? do you want to contact someone from the Khadas team? you can do this through private messages or tag someone.