No HDR/BT2020 Support?


Hi - do you have any idea why HDR/BT2020 meta data is not read and utilised properly?

On my other boxes the files will turn on HDR mode on my TV.

Any ideas?


Tested on latest LibreELEC ROM, right?

BTW, would be better to feedback issues like this:

  • Tell us the ROM version you installed
  • Tell us the hardware date code, i.e. Vim V1.2 1610 4916
  • Describe all the procedures(step-by-step) you did with details
  • Provde neccesarry photos to help us better understand the issue you are facing
  • If you are a developer, post the full printing log
  • Others information you thought would be helpful for us
  • If you are facing many different problems, please create different topics one by one, we will also reply one by one.
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Yes latest libreelec rom available here, also the latest android rom is installed to eMMC.

The steps are as simple as open a HDR/BT2020 file in Kodi and play it, on my other devices (Nvidia Shield and Himedia Q10 Pro) the tv detects a HDR signal and switches to HDR mode.

With the Khadas vim, it does not.

I tried Kodi in the latest Android rom and also in libreelec.

I will get the hardware date code soon, once I plug the device back in.