No HDR/BT2020 Support?

Hi - do you have any idea why HDR/BT2020 meta data is not read and utilised properly?

On my other boxes the files will turn on HDR mode on my TV.

Any ideas?

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Tested on latest LibreELEC ROM, right?

BTW, would be better to feedback issues like this:

  • Tell us the ROM version you installed
  • Tell us the hardware date code, i.e. Vim V1.2 1610 4916
  • Describe all the procedures(step-by-step) you did with details
  • Provde neccesarry photos to help us better understand the issue you are facing
  • If you are a developer, post the full printing log
  • Others information you thought would be helpful for us
  • If you are facing many different problems, please create different topics one by one, we will also reply one by one.
  • If your problem has been fixed, please follow the Problem Solved Button to mark it as solved
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Yes latest libreelec rom available here, also the latest android rom is installed to eMMC.

The steps are as simple as open a HDR/BT2020 file in Kodi and play it, on my other devices (Nvidia Shield and Himedia Q10 Pro) the tv detects a HDR signal and switches to HDR mode.

With the Khadas vim, it does not.

I tried Kodi in the latest Android rom and also in libreelec.

I will get the hardware date code soon, once I plug the device back in.