Next generation Tone Board

The shipment of the second batch, as indicated by the link, is the beginning of February, as I understand it, we are talking about Tone 2 Pro.

I meant to ask the schedule for the Tone 2 board for VIM not the standalone Tone 2 Pro.

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Latest news I have heard about it.
Bare board version is currently named the Tone 2.

Thanks @RDFTKV , will follow the announcement.

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Hello All,…

As we are talking about Next Generation Tone Boards…

We all know that Tone1 (previously named Tone-Board) in it’s VIM version (40 pins header) can be used on both VIM2 and VIM3 boards…

Tone2 VIM version will be (Q1 2021) Tone1 VIM version evolution but not the same as the Tone2 Pro…

I wonder if anybody here has tried to weld 40 pins header on a Tone2 Pro to use it plugged on WIM2 or VIM3 as Tone1 VIM version ?

@DerFu tone2pro doesn’t have connectors I guess, its sealed at the bottom

the tone 2 vim board was still in decision making for the mounting procedure as I have last recalled, it will either be top mounted to GPIO and get input via the I2S, or have a small bottom PCB to connect the Tone’s USB to the USB on the PCIe connector bus…

check the original tone 2 thread for pictures and other info about it :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, we designed to compatible for VIM SBC and we tested here that works.

The reason we not sell Tone2 Pro as bare board is we need follow on the MQA licensee. The upcoming Tone2 spec with XMOS XU208 will also work for VIM SBC.


Hello @Gouwa,…

Have you got any idea about the cost of Tone2 VIM Edition ?

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When will Audio Science Review be getting a review sample?

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Will not higher then $120 I think.


Except those, I mean, XMOS XU208, no MQA license, no Design metal box, will Tone2 VIM Edition specs will be the same as Tone2 Pro Edition ?

By the way, one more question that crosses my mind,…

Is Khadas Dev. Team thinking about a DIY Box like the existing ones, compatible with the Tone2 Knob or an add-on DIY Box stage and top for VIM & Tone2 boards sandwich ?

Hello @Gouwa,…

As shown here, I got a vTVBoard-VIM2-Tone1 boards sandwich in a red Khadas DIY Case, I would like to do the same with vTVBoard-VIM3-Tone2Pro boards in my purple Khadas DIY Case, but I wouldn’t unmount my vTVBoard-VIM2-Tone1 boards sandwich to measure it…

I wonder if, you could tell me what is the thickness of the 40 pins header that is used on the Tone1 ?

I could found a lot of 40 pins headers on the web but with different thickness and I wouldn’t buy a too igh or a too low one.

Hi DerFu,
From what I understand, you want to add a 2x20 pins header to your TB1.
Please help by measuring pins specs, or maybe ask kindly Gouwa what’s the required ref.
Have a look there, job is partially done :
You have to ensure about pins spacing X & Y, and total pin lenght, ending…
Remember : doing this will void your warranty… TB1 VIM Edition has the pins soldered.
Then buy the pin part number and sodler it to the board.
Adding some SMD flux will help a lot.
If required, practise iron soldering on some ruined PC board… :wink:
As I’ve no TB by now I can’t help further.

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The pitch is 2.54mm according to the Tone1 spec sheet…
I could not find the specific connector(header) part number mentioned in the Tone1 schematic. This leads me to believe they might be fairly standard.
Due to aging peepers and a reluctance to get new glasses, measurements are approximate…
52mm wide
5mm deep(front to back)
8.5mm height(height measurement taken from PCB surface).
Drawing not to scale…

@RDFTKV I believe it is this connector perhaps ?
identified as TE brand connector, found here:

TE Connectivity|TE Connectivity 7-534206-0|Pin Header & Female Header|LCSC

1811132044_TE-Connectivity-7-534206-0_C306217.pdf (

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Looks like it would work to me, long as the pins fit thru the wholes in the PCB.
For a time the Tone1 Generic version was shipped with unmounted 40 and 20 pin headers. Then, for a time they were not included, and now they are again(I think). I imagine Khadas may have some, but I see no SKU. @DerFu might try to see if Gouwa could make them available.

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Hello @ABSNimes,…

Not on Tone1 but on Tone2Pro,…
I’ve already Tone1 VIM Ed. on my VIM2Pro but didn’t want to unmount it to measure the header, that why I kindly asked @Gouwa,… :wink:

Tone2Pro “40 pins header Mod” is for my VIM3Pro

I don’t care of warranty, shipping costs from France to China are too high to send it back in case of problem…
Don’t worry, I can say that I’m pretty good on almost all welding technics existing in the world, that’s why I have no apprehension of doing that “Mod” :wink:

Thanks for answering… :wink:

Hello @RDFTKV & @Electr1,…

Thanks a lot guys,
@RDFTKV info shows 40 pins header is 8.5mm high…
@Electr1 datasheet pdf shows 40 pins header is 8.64mm (8.13 + 0.51 standoffs) high…
Difference is 0.14mm, that’s negligible !

I think I never do better measurement with my metal rule (1/10mm) !

I’ll go for a 8.5/8.6mm high 40 pins header, I think it’ll be no problem to find that on AliExpess :wink:

Best regards Guys !

Add-on 20210113 :
Hello All ! …

Let’s Go !.. Found that on AliEx :
2x20 pins PCB 2.54mm female header
2x40 pins SMD 2.54mm male header (will cut it to fit 2x20 pins SMD Tone2Pro port)
Just have to wait some days/weeks for shipping delay…
I’ll be back to you all when VIM3 + Tone2Pro mod. will be ready…

Should be the same as my DIY Case tuned Housing VIM2 + VTV + TONE-BOARD

Add-on 20211107 :
Hello All !

I dig up this topic because my second homebrewed board-sandwich VIM3+Tone2 Pro assembly is done.
If you are interested about it, juste take a glance to the first of the 3 phases I’ve posted here



Hello @Gouwa,…

So, the same price as Tone1 (previously named Tone Board).
I’ve bought my Tone Board $120.60 …