New Heatsink and Fan 3705 for VIM2 Pro

I am a newbie, so apologies If don’t get the post right. I just bought a Khadas VIm2 Pro, and all it came with was a plastic square heatsink, didn’t know what to do with this, and also no screwdriver to open the case.

I want to buy a new heat sink SKU:KAHS-V-001 and the fan 3705 SKU:K AC-V2-002 for my VIM2 will I be able to fit these to my VIM2 Pro, and how do I get hold of a screwdriver to open the case.

Thanking you in advance,

Hi @Aussie, could you let us know where you bought your VIM2 Pro from? We don’t sell “plastic square heatsinks”.

These components are compatible with your VIM2 Pro:

If your VIM2 Pro is inside a DIY Case, this triangular screwdriver will help you open it

Very grateful for the quick response. I bought it on Ali Express the company was SmartFly Tech Co. Ltd.

All I wanted really was an open sourced TV box but I got other things in the Bundle (Bundle 5). Case that I wanted, (no screw driver triangular head)

1x 1x IR Remote (wanted)

1x Power Adapter (Wrong for Australia)

1x Type-C Power Cable

1x TF Card

1x Heat Sink (just square plastic)

and some cables I don’t know what to do with, and a peculiar USB which says USB to TTL

Kind regards

Hello, When you say plastic heatsink, do you mean thermal pad. Has a sort of rubbery consistency?

The USB to TTL is a device for connecting to the VIM2’s UART thru pins in the GPIO and the USB side connects to a PC. This allows the computer to talk to the VIM2. Also known as a Serial debugging tool.

Can you supply a picture of the case? Pictures of the cables you don’t know what to do with?I think I found it on Aliexprees.

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Here’s the pictures thanks for having a look and responding.

Let me say why I bought this product, just got sick and tired of Nvidia Shield TV ramming updates down my throat, I bought several pairs of Sennheiser headphones to go with my Nvidia Shield TV because the sound was perfect for my ears and now after their latest update to Experience 8 they are now useless the sound changed so much for me from 7.3 to Experience 8.

The cables are Dupont cables, they are used when connecting the Serial debugging tool to the VIM2’s GPIO. The heatsink looks like a stick on. In my opinion, the Khadas official heatsink will probably offer better performance and attaches with screws to the VIM2 PCB.

Here’s my box I’m going to buy the screw driver and the heat sink and cooling fan as suggest in the first post does anybody know if the send by DHL to Australia

Does it have metal plate on the bottom of the case?

RDFTKV, really appreciate your help, yes it has a metal plate with Khadas on the bottom

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Yes we can send by DHL to Australia, you’ll have to select Express Shipping during checkout. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Khadas Team, I off to buy now.

Khadas also offers a thermal pad that is used to further improve cooling, it can be found in the Khadas shop.

Does the heat sink come with the thermal pad or do you have to buy it separately?

Yes it does come with the heatsink.

The thermal pad I mention is for thermally tying the bottom of the PCB to the metal plate. It is optional, you may not need it.

Hi @Aussie, @RDFTKV and myself just remembered that we should check the version of the board you have - if it is the old VIM2 (v1.2 and earlier), it won’t be compatible with the new heatsink and fan.

Do you think you could open up your DIY Case using a pair of pliers to undo the screws, or a jeweller’s screwdriver, or screwdriver with the “approximate” head size?

You know, just some elbow grease and the spirit of MacGyver. :smile:

There’s a white-number on the board that tells you the version number:

MacGyver - “Always prepared for an adventure”!



That’s not a screwdriver

This is a screwdriver



Khadas Team couldn’t open the case, but managed to shine a torch through the case and its V14 just as well as I’ve bought the New VIM heatsink and 3705 cooling Fan 3705.

Just on another with regard to delivery, asked for DHL delivery, then it comes up in Polish, translated page, but it doesn’t recognise the 10 digit tracking number from DHL it wants 11 digits. Any thoughts?

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Good to have the latest version. Notable improvements over the previous version can be seen in this PDF from the Khadas Docs.


Thanks again for the quick response. It is my intention to really get into this product.