Need some help with linux and vim setup

New to vim so just wanting to make sure I set things up properly. I just recieved my vim. It is the 2g/8g version. Box is mainly used for kodi. Is the factory firmware up to date or do I need to flash it?
Also I would like to try running openelec or libelect from sd card. Is there a fully fuction version avalible and where can I find that. I have a 16gb 85mbs class 10 card if that makes any difference.

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Hello Superfrk, My Vim did not have the latest firmware. Yours may have, but I cannot know. In Android settings/more settings/about device, you can find the build number and date.

I do not have the 2GB/8GB model, so cannot speak to that directly. But LibreELEC and Linux from SD are available.
Khadas Docs has much info.

I am on my phone now, I can be more helpful when I get to a PC tonight. Of course there are many here that will help too.

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Thanks fpr the fast reply my build # is vim_marshmalow_20161209 and android version is 6.0.1
Will definitely take a look at the link you suplied

I am not sure about the state of the firmware regarding the 2GB/8GB model, but otherwise, latest Marshmallow rooted firmware is dated 170121.

All firmware and images can be found on the Khadas Firmware page.

Khadas will need to confirm whether a firmware is suitable for your model.

LibreELEC: User balbes150 has LibreELEC versions that boot from SD. LibreELEC 8 is the latest(Kodi17).

Instructions for using LibreELEC SD images(Note:instructions will also work for balbes150’s Linux SD images).

-Down load the image and burn it to card…
Card Prep:
1.) Format an SD card to FAT32. 4GB minimum( I generally use 16 and 32 cards), Class 10 or better recommended. The faster the better.
2.) Download and extract the file, the extracted file will be an image. I use 7Zip for extraction.
3.) Burn the image to the SD card. I use HDD RAW(portable ver.). Programs like Rufus or Win32DiskImager, etc should also work. Caution with HDD RAW, make certain you select the SD card as the target, HDD RAW will write over anything… It does have a couple of confirm notices, but be careful anyway.

-To use the prepared card…
1.) With the Vim running Android, insert the prepared card (or USB flash) in to the Vim’s SD slot or use a USB card reader (or USB flash to USB).
Note: I like to use a card reader with activity LED, so I can see something is happening. The first boot can take a few minutes and the flashing LED is reassuring. :slight_smile:

At Android/Settings/About Device/System/updates.
From the Update and Backup App, under the UpdateLocale section, click Select, select, click update.
Note: Leave “Wipe Data” and “Wipe Media” unchecked/unticked. To be clear, do not use those options
-The Vim will reboot, it will do so a couple of times.

If additional info is needed, just ask.


So far nothing has worked. Have tried various burning tools and SD cards and multiple USB drives . Each time it says its corrupt or it says device not compatible. If I format with Khadas Vim it works there fine. Is this something in Android 6.01 I need to adjust? I have tried writing the image to USB and cards with 2 different windows PC as well. Tried one of the cards in my phone that is android 6.01 and had same issue had to be reformatted for the cards to work. Also tried the burning tool on khadas vin docs but it is in Chinese

Hello Superfrk, Are you trying to update or run an OS from SD?

currently just trying to update

Can I unpack the iso and burn that to a drive or should I burn the ISO like I have been doing

I usually use the Amlogic USB Burning Tool. In the tools second tab, English language can be set. I am not with my PC at the moment, can be more helpful later.
Hang in there, you’ll get it.

Thanks for the help think I got it now. The balls loading screen took for ever and now it says android is updating. I had to use the usb cable method but I unchecked erase flash and unchecked erase bootloader for anyone else that reads this post.

For step by step Linux installation and Vim setup procedure visit apple customer service to get assistance on how to do it and you will get more tutorials on it.