OpenElec & LiberElec WishList

Only this that does not give.


Followed your instructions as best I can ref SAMBA but just cannot get to see SMB share on my local network, I can view the libreleec shares just fine but not the other way around, any ideas, I’m stuck without it

Disable the SAMBA service in the settings LE. Turn off VIM. Enable VIM. Turn on in the settings of the SAMBA service.

Thanks, still doesn’t work, in fact after some searching I think Librelec 8.01 may have developed an issue with samba, shame

Try it:

  1. Disable authorization SMB. Provide access to the local SMB without entering a username and password.
  2. Manually enter the settings for connecting to SMB (IP, path).

Hi, Balbes150:
Do you have any plan to port LibreELEC 8 on Khadas VIM or other S905X devices?

These images are not suitable ?

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Really good image, I recommended it.

Hi Ballbes 150, I have installed successfully the LE rom using installation from android method.
regarding the boot options:
“reboot from install to EMMC” when choosing it, does it mean SD LE installation will be installed to EMMC?


Yes Elandes, LE will be installed on internal memory, and boot from there.

Gamerhun21. Will it destroy the android OS? Thx

Yes, this mode replaces (erases) Android in eMMC.

Gave it another shot (SMB), All I get is connection timed out, does it work for anyone else?

Added NFS shares to my Synology and they function but all my other kodi device use SMB and this renders my shared SQL database useless, frustrating


seems I cannot download other skins with your libreelec version. I want to go back to confluence. LibreElec is installed on emmc.

I had the same issue with LB 8, and also I could not add few repository, that is the reason I installed LB 7, and there is everyting working just fine… Hopefully Balbes150 will update LE Roms sometimes, because it seems khadas team stopped working on LE Roms.

Maybe next week I’ll try to find time to update both versions of images VIM (KODI 16 and 17).

By the way, you can try versions that are going to Kszaq s905. They only need to add the correct file for the remote control and dtb.img

Hi, Balbes150:
Is it possible for you and our team to develop the LE ROM for VIM together?

I am ready for any cooperation.


Sounds like the start of something promising…

BTW ref samba, I’ve modified my advancedsettings.xml and sources.xml to refer to revised nfs locations and it seems to be almost there, I can at least play the files from the shares but not via the existing mysql library which refers to smb


In the end I ditched SMB and rebuilt the library for NFS locations, it now works like a dream so much better than running on top of android, If balbes etc can crack dual boot (for noobs) I’m 100% satisfied

I tested sometimes, it is true , it is happen, but after reboot it is working.
I use this image with confluence skin and spanish language without problem.