My Tone Board just stopped

I had my new Tone Board hooked up to (Windows 10) my laptop playing music several times over several days playing through JRiver. It was playing a song and then suddenly silence. I changed the RCA interconnects and still nothing. Rebooted, turned the whole computer off and on again. The laptop plays fine through another DAC.


Hello, have you had a chance to try a different USB-C cable?

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Not yet. Tonight after work.

It only works with the one that comes with it. I’d have to buy another one.

Do you have the VIMs version or the other one? Is the GPIO header in place?

Just the generic one. I don’t know what the GPIO header is.

Then it will be easier to try a different cable. When looking for another cable, make sure it is a cable with data lines. Some USB-C cables are only for power/charging.

For your information, GPIO connectors come with the generic Tone Board, but are not mounted and it would require them to be soldered to the Tone Board. As your TB is the generic version, it will be much easier to try a new cable.
GPIO is General Purpose Input Output. It is just another way to communicate with the Tone Board.

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Well, I reinserted the USB-C plug into the ToneBoard “upside” and it plays music for 2 seconds and stops each time I unplug it and then reinsert it. I’ll contact Khadas on what to do. It’s hardly been played.

@charmerci usually this is due to a loose USB-C cable.

Switching to another cable as @RDFTKV has mentioned could fix the problem. The Tone Board is sensitive to momentary USB instability, so if it is disconnecting mid-stream, the music will stop.

Good luck!

Momentary instability??? So what you are saying is, instead of the music stopping after 5 seconds without me moving at all, if I touch the table before the 5 seconds, the Tone Board will stop sending the signal. A loose circuit board for a sound (air vibrations!) system is sensitive to movement?

Got it.

Some people have reported issues with the cable, not the Tone Board’s port. I have had the TB playing in very loud environments, powered subwoofer less than a meter away.
He was referring to momentary interruptions from the USB connection to the TB, something a bad cable can induce.

Hi @charmerci
Can you help to take a photo and post here to show us the DATE CODE the KTB you have:

BTW, can you have a try with a new USB-C cable?

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sure. Send me a new USB C cable then. I’m using the new Khadas cable. The date is 28 19.

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It’s latest batch and with latest firmware.

Yes, we can ship you on free USB-C cable then, but can you help to do one more step to narrow down the issue range: just change any other USB-A to USB-C cable, can be the one the Android phone used, and do a test again?

BTW, may I know the format of audio song you using?


I’ll try to see if I can use another cable - but it sort of looks like the ToneBoard connector doesn’t match any standard USB cable. I’ll try later.

I’m using JRiver. As I said earlier, it played for several days (not continuously) and many hours. It suddenly stopped at about 3:20 in a 5 minute song when I VERY lightly bumped the table it was on.

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Any standard USB Cable will works.

OK, please do and keep us updated.

Good luck!

The Tone Board USB port is USB-C. Not micro USB as found on many phones.

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I don’t have an extra one - which is why I’m asking you to send another one.

Do you mean that your KTB cannot work any more after that? And just silence and not voice any more, right?

Does the LED is light on when you plug in the USB-C cable?

BTW, can you take a photo of the USB-C cable you have?


LED stays on. The cable is yours that came in your box.