MultiOS_3in1 (Android+Libreelec+Linux) install to eMMC


you mean the “emmc_autoscript” from the 3rdparty/bootloader folder from inside the libreelec update tar archive?

Here are the steps I would do:

  1. Boot VIM2 to linux
  2. Copy this script (emmc_autoscript) from the tar over the one that is on the device in /dev/multiboot
    3.Place the tar file in the libreelec update folder
    4.Start libreeelec again


For the transition to the new version of the LE (KODI-18). You need to update the emmc_libreelec script in the “/dev/multiboot” section. You can either download from the site or to pull out of the archive “tar” script “emmc_autoscript” and to rename “emmc_libreelec”. You can run Linux , mount the “/dev/multiboot” partition and replace the script in it. After that, you can try to update the LE in the standard way (by copying “tar” to the directory “.update”). If after the LE update does not start, you need to run Linux, mount the partition “/dev/libreelec” and delete all files except “kernel.img” and “SYSTEM” (to leave only these two files).



Updated version of the archive to install MultiOS_3_in_1 (dir 20180908) with the latest version of Libreelec KODI-18 beta.



This worked!:rocket:
Thanks, balbes150 for your support!



How do I add Libreelec KODI-18 beta support for dvb, CrazyCat driver?

Thank you



Question to @terry as an Android specialist.
Is it possible to build an Android that will use a regular MBR partition table and regular Linux (ext4) partitions to host all its resources ? If possible, then there is a chance to use the new u-boot-2018 to create a version of MultiOS_3_in_1 or other variants (Dualos, etc.).



Update Libreelec (tar) and the installation archive 20181008.

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Wish there was a 3-1 with volumio in it



New “tar” archive to update Libreelec version 20181123 (kernel 3.14) on Multios_3_in_1 system. The files are located in the Xenial_KODI-18_20181008 subdirectory. Pay attention, I haven’t tested this version on the VIM2 in the system MultiOS_3_in_1. Please write out the result is going to be like this.



I found a solution how to combine Android and systems based on the new 4 kernel.XX. So there were questions.

  1. Does it make sense to create a new version ?
  2. How many people use MultiOS_3_in_1 ? I need to clarify the number of users to determine in what form to make a transition script to a new version of the system (if such will be created), which will use the latest version of Libreelec and Linux (possibly a special version of Armbian) with kernel 4.XX together with Android.
  3. Question to @terry , can you build a new version of Android , with a new option to choose which system to run ?


I was a happy 3_in_1 user. Right now my 2 kvim2 run linux from eMMC
(no Android and no LE anymore).
When I will buy a 3rd kvim2 (I soon will),
I would cartainly appreciate a 3_in_1 4.kernel.XX system. :grinning:
Best seasonal greetings and thanks + congratulations for all your magic.

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Update “tar” 20181218 for LE KODI-18 to MultiOS_3_in_1 (kernel 3.14)



I am still learning while trying not to do anything to damage my VIM2 MAX. When I’m ready I intend to install your 3_in_1. Any updated version would be welcome.

Your dedication to fellow users is impressive. :clap:



To update the version and move to a new kernel, you need support for new modes in Android. Without this, you can not normally get into different systems.