MRegister Mode--not working

Hello, In the folder you installed the USB Burning Tool on your Windows PC, you will find a folder called, “World Cup Driver”. Inside that folder is an exe file to install the driver. It also has uninstall feature. Run the exe and uninstall the driver, restart PC. After reboot, run the World Cup exe again and select install driver, restart PC and see if VIM2 is recognized.
Good luck.

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thanks. I will reinstall the software. And I use the MRegister mode?

Oh YEAH!! I can now use the usb tool. Thank you for your help! But I didn’t use the MRegister mode… Why my pc can recognize recognize it automatically? Then what is the usage of MRegister mode?

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That is why it was automatic.

M-register may be required if boot loader or firmware become corrupted or I incorrect image is flashed to the VIM(2).

As to the USB Burning Tool, I have had to reinstall it a couple of times. I also have boxes with RK processors, they have their own burning tool. Often I have to reinstall the World Cup driver after using the RK tool. I don’t know why, some conflict I assume.
Glad you got it going.
Have fun. :slight_smile:

= KBI?

=firmware in programable MCU?


More details at: Khadas Docs.

Have fun!