Movian OS for Khadas VIM?

Hello! Khadas Team!
Is it possible to create a build for Khadas Vim based on Movian OS? It is similar to Kodi but lighter and with excellent functionality. Unfortunately the author is too busy to take the time that device(

Might be easier to just use a striped down version of ubunto linux and then install it. There is also an android apk so you can run it as an app. I do not see a reason either of those methods would not work.

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Hi, Tony:
Thanks for the information, and kindly check this topic for the information. :slight_smile:

Thank you for answer!
I understand the author, he has some trouble with android video decoding api. Because of this, the hardware acceleration is not working correctly sometime.
I use the Movian media centre for 7 years, and it works great on my devices such as the PS3, Rpi, Mac, so hope VIM can run it too.

We have release LiebreELEC source code and support hardware acceleration, so I think that would be a reference.

The last release was on 31 Mar 2016 - is this still an up to date media center?

Of course, the last build was 10 days ago

I got my Khadas vim 8Gb.
Immediately switch on Android TV.
Movian works quite well.
Is there sound.
There is a picture.
There is hardware acceleration.
H.264 - passable (slightly jerky).
H.265 - very bad (artifacts and frieze).
Ac3 / DTS pass-through - does not work.

I don’t use Movian, though I may have to give it a go.

Superceleron specifically recommends a heatsink when using his ROMs on the Vim. I don’t know if that contributes to your playback issues or not. For testing, you could use a fan on the Vim to rule out a heat issue.

Curious, do you also have these issues using the included FTMC?

Have you played with Auto-refresh setting and/or HDMI Self-Adaption setting?

Hope you get it worked out.

All this concerns exclusively Movian.
Other players work fine.