Mobile vim3 project battery and other questions

Hi guys im new and glad to be here!
So i have a couple of questions and have looked through a lot of posts here and hopefully this isnt out of place or a couple of stupid questions. :s
So I’m thinking about buying several vim3 pros and a lot of accessories for a few different projects i have in mind. I have found this forum to be a great knowledge center concerning the vim and I am glad i found you guys!
So i want to create a mobile device using the vim3 + extention board + 4g + nvme ssd + ts050 + sound card (for mic and speaker) + battery??
I cant find much info on how to use the battery khadas has in the shop with the vim3?
Also does khadas have a vin cable to allow the extention board to not be stacked with the vim3 but layed out end to end??
I think this project would be freaking awesome and i could carry it around in my pocket!!
Any feedback would be very appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

Do you plan to use it as a mobile phone? Cause calling will not work out of the box. Only you will be able to use 4g Data network

I was looking for the same. Finally I have decided to go with Edge-V + Juice Board + Battery.
But for 4G you can go with Edge + Captain Board And its Kap Case etc.

Also check if TS050 software support on the operating system you plan to you. Android have full support for TS050.

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Hi thanks for the quick reply!
I am planning on it being a mobile hotspot, among other things xD, but one can easily download an app for talk services as long as you have signal.
I am planning on using the android os.
I really want the “box” to stay as slim as I can, so i didnt want to go with the edge and kap case. The 2.2 ghz really gets me going with the Vim3 as another reason i am stuck on the Vim3 Pro.
Is there a specific reason the vim3 has no battery option?
Thanks guys love the site!

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Maybe something like this connected to the vin on the Vim3?

The board would have to take care of all charging tasks so maybe not that board specifically but maybe you catch my drift?

Hello :slight_smile:

you can use this module, what can provide around 5V and 3A(continuily and for short time 5A):
Dc booster 5A 3A

And for charging can use this module:

li-ion charging module


Thanks for the info! I was expecting there might be a way to control charging with another board.
All I need to know before I make my purchases is it safe to power the Vim3 device through the VIN.
I wanted to stay more in track of the board I posted formally mainly to try and keep battery, and charging it safely, separate from the SBC and also to give it a hefty 9v so it will perform nicely :wink:
These are great devices and i will be purchasing no matter what but until I know the answer, I’m not sure how many of each item and which items to purchase. XO
Thanks a lot for the feed back!

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Hello, VIN can be used to power the VIM3. From the Khadas Docs, under the Beginner’s Guide section… “VIN 5-12V power input”.

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I believe there is a module sold by a company called adafruit it’s called the fona and provides the mobile functionality as well as cellular data connectivity
Links given below to it if interested
Fona 3g

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@RDFTKV thank you so much! That’s what I needed to know and can’t believe I missed that xD.
@Electr1 Thanks! I’m definitely going to look into that! I will have to do some research on how to with the Vim3. I like that the m2 expansion is already melded with the Vim3!
Good job Khadas with your product, and the sale you just made because you have created a community around them, I’ll be working out my cart soon! I’ll post some more about my builds as they come together too, if that’s cool.
Thanks a lot guys!


I see you are planning on the M2X extension board. It should be noted, that without the M2X, there is no provision to mount an M.2 drive. While a drive can be connected directly to the VIM3 and it will work, the VIM3 has no provision for retaining the drive and it will stick out the side of the VIM3.
The M2X is the solution for that(and more).:slightly_smiling_face:

I just noticed that a link is in the “VIN” where I quoted the guide. That link goes to the VIN to VIN cable used between the VIM3 and the M2X when powering the VIM3 using the M2X’s POE function. One of those cables comes with the M2X.

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I agree! The M2X extension might even be the most worth for the cost part on the whole device lol. Lots of possibilities that Khadas has added with that board imo.
I planned on using the provided VIN cable to dissect and hook to my BMS so that everything fits nicely and not a mess, while keeping the Vim3 safe from any charge related problems. The device is going to be thick so every mm will count xD. Will most likely take the Ethernet port off of the extension board, if I feel I can do it safely after inspecting the unit and playing with it a bit, to get every last mm I can.
It’s going to be a very long and thick device after setting it up 3 dimentionally hoping to stay around 1/2 inch but we will see.
Device will most likely be a mobile hotspot/daily driven phone if all works out. (Text now and other apps so basically and internet phone in my head) I am into vintage games, modern games, and movies/series so this will end up being a very versatile device when done I’m hoping!
Also have a few other builds in mind cause let’s be honest… These devices can be used as entertainment centers where ever entertainment might need to poke up its head up. Car, home, camping, my hand(as mobile device) pretty much anywhere. I love the dash displays I’ve seen so far and definitely plan on building that. But can be so much more at the same time! Add a few displays and you have a whole vehicle entertainment system! For the price the sky’s the limit. Can’t wait to receive my order and let the games begin! Haha im excited!


I used my M2X on the Edge-V. The Edge-V does not use the VIN-to-VIN cable when mated to the M2X. So like you, I have plans to hack that cable, by cutting it in half and having two VIN connectors for future power supply uses.:slightly_smiling_face:

Look forward to your projects.

And yes, the Truck Dashboard project done by @tschultz is very nice. He is a nice fella and may be a helpful resource for you when you go down that road.

Your enthusiasm is contagious. Good to see. Have fun.


Good luck with your project mate :smiley:
Have fun too !

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Unfortunately I have yet to receive confirmation email or my order. Says ships after 3 days and I also paid for express shipping. Not sure what’s going on but I’m getting kinda worried! Any help?

Don’t worry you will get your order sorted, as Khadas sales and service is quite good. What did you order btw ? I think VIM3 are under pre-order right now so it will be shipped once their ready. Please check the aliexpress listing. You can share the listing you used here so someone can advice you in detail.

Hope this helps you until someone from Khadas team looks into your order number and give you any confirmation about the order and its shipment.

I ordered a Vim3 and a bunch of accessories from the Khadas Shop… I didn’t see anything about pre-order when I ordered… When will it be ready Khadas?! My order was last month on the 27th

It would be helpful if you can share the item link from aliexpress.

Update: Sorry my bad. He said express. and I though aliexpress, as I dont see Vim3 on sales neither on AliExpress nor on Khadas Shop.

Vim3 is for Pre-Order while VIM3L is available. Thats I asked for link.

it must be assumed that the goods were ordered from the official Khadas website

It didn’t say pre-order when I purchased it. Twas right after the Corona deal over there as soon as it changed from out of stock I purchased it. It didn’t say pre-order there.
If that was the case wouldn’t it say something about it in my email cause I found it.

Believe me, not much time has passed, and I can understand your desire to receive the goods soon :wink: