MIPI DSI display


I’m trying to use a MIPI DSI display of mine, but I’m having trouble finding where to edit and send the MIPI timing parameters. can any one help me to make mipi dsi interface working. i have EDGE-V V13 board and using android 9 sdk.



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Hi @goenjoy

I have followed step mentioned in the document, but our custom display supports only Non-Burst mode video operation with Sync Events and the continuous clock on clock lane.
so for this in the device tree, I need to provide in “dsi,flags” to generate sync Events and the continuous clock on clock lane. so what i have to set in dsi,flags in device tree can you help me to set this flags and generate clock on mipi clock lane.



Thanks, @goenjoy for the reply.

I am getting below error while setting the clock frequency provided by the display vendor. can you please help me out to resolve this.

Error :
dw-mipi-dsi ff960000.dsi: Host reports that the configured timeout counter for the high-speed
transmission has expired
dw-mipi-dsi ff960000.dsi: An overflow occurs in the DPI pixel payload FIFO

getting this error continuously. attached the screenshot of the booting log for the reference.

I don’t see any problems. First, make sure the hardware is OK. DTS configuration is OK. Then this screen can be displayed normally.

@goenjoy are there similar instructions for the mainline linux kernel?


Do you know how to add Mipi DSI to Android 9 / 10 for this display?
This must be the main display and no hdmi or this display and the hdmi secondary display.

Will instructions here work ?
Hi, I see here - Edge-V w/ Dual Independent Displays (HDMI + MIPI-DSI + TP)

It is for another user I help so I can’t test it myself, so just want to make sure of the exact changes needed.

@mo123 As long as the Mipi interface corresponds to OK, the parameter adjustment will be able to light up.