MIPI camera OS08A10 not working with VIM3

Hello team,

I am trying to use OS08A10 mipi camera with VIM3, but unable to stream.As I analysed the logs ,I discovered that inspite of registration camera as video0, there are errors reported during the registration process.The error is related to failure of DMA as u can see in the logs :

"[ 17.146113] get_cur_calibration_total_size@sbuf_func.c:325 SBUF(ERR) :Total size for all IQ LUTs is 24852 bytes
[ 17.146116] sbuf_mgr_item_count_in_using@sbuf_func.c:427 SBUF(ERR) :sbuf item using total count: 0.
[ 17.146121] update_cur_calibration_to_sbuf@sbuf_func.c:362 SBUF(ERR) :sbuf_cali_base: ffffffc01488009d, p_sbuf_lut_arr: ffffffc01488009d, p_sbuf_cali_data: ffffffc01488084d
[ 17.146136] sbuf_calibration_init@sbuf_func.c:493 SBUF(CRIT) :sbuf_calibration wdr_mode updated: 65535 -> 0.
[ 17.146145] dma_writer_init@dma_writer.c:155 DMA_WRITER(ERR) :DMA_WRITER: Failed to initialize a dma writer type:0 output. 0x0
[ 17.146149] dma_writer_init@dma_writer.c:155 DMA_WRITER(ERR) :DMA_WRITER: Failed to initialize a dma writer type:1 output. 0x0
[ 17.146156] acamera_camera_v4l2_get_subdev_by_name@main_kernel_juno_v4l2.c:104 GENERIC(ERR) :Requested a pointer to the subdev with a name SocLens
[ 17.146160] acamera_camera_v4l2_get_subdev_by_name@main_kernel_juno_v4l2.c:111 GENERIC(ERR) :Return subdev pointer 0x2acb480
[ 17.146164] acamera_camera_v4l2_get_subdev_by_name@main_kernel_juno_v4l2.c:104 GENERIC(ERR) :Requested a pointer to the subdev with a name SocLens
[ 17.146167] acamera_camera_v4l2_get_subdev_by_name@main_kernel_juno_v4l2.c:111 GENERIC(ERR) :Return subdev pointer 0x2acb480
[ 17.146172] lens_init@lens_init.c:139 GENERIC(NOTICE) :Lens VCM driver is NULL
[ 17.146175] soc_lens_init@soc_lens.c:62 GENERIC(INFO) :Lens has been initialized for ctx:0

[ 17.146178] soc_lens_init@soc_lens.c:68 GENERIC(INFO) :Lens has been initialized
[ 17.146183] lens_print_params@v4l2_vcm.c:57 GENERIC(ERR) :SOC SENSOR PARAMETERS
[ 17.146185] lens_print_params@v4l2_vcm.c:58 GENERIC(ERR) :lens_type: 10
[ 17.146188] lens_print_params@v4l2_vcm.c:59 GENERIC(ERR) :min_step: 64
[ 17.146190] lens_print_params@v4l2_vcm.c:60 GENERIC(ERR) :next_zoom: 0
[ 17.146193] lens_print_params@v4l2_vcm.c:61 GENERIC(ERR) :curr_zoom: 0
[ 17.146195] lens_print_params@v4l2_vcm.c:62 GENERIC(ERR) :next_pos: 0
[ 17.147433] acamera_init_context_seq@acamera_fw.c:292 GENERIC(ERR) :load isp context sequence[0]

[ 17.150201] connection_thread@main_firmware.c:102 GENERIC(CRIT) :connection_thread start
[ 17.150285] isp_fw_process@main_firmware.c:120 GENERIC(CRIT) :isp_fw_process start
[ 17.150327] isp_v4l2_create_instance@isp-v4l2.c:780 GENERIC(CRIT) :V4L2 capture device registered as video0.
[ 17.150337] soc_sensor_probe@soc_sensor.c:531 GENERIC(ERR) :register v4l2 sensor device. result 0, sd 0x2b13d18 sd->dev 0x276b4810
[ 17.153787] isp_v4l2_stream_try_format@isp-v4l2-stream.c:1326 GENERIC(CRIT) :[Stream#0] format 0x00000000 is not supported, setting default format 0x34424752.

[ 17.153881] fw_intf_stream_stop@fw-interface.c:331 GENERIC(CRIT) :Stream off 4"

This error : "[ 17.146149] dma_writer_init@dma_writer.c:155 DMA_WRITER(ERR) :DMA_WRITER: Failed to initialize a dma writer type:1 output. 0x0
[ 17.146156] " seems to be causing the issue in streaming

I could not be able to resolve the issue yet. I would request khadas team to help me solve out the issue.Or they can guide me in anyway


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welcome to the community! what is your firmware, version, give accurate information? thank!

Thanks for the quick reply.

I am using khadas-vims-4.9.y linux bsp on VIM3 board.Camera is the standard OS08A10 mipi camera.

Can you tell me what this issue is related to.I mean any document available to get information.


do you have the latest firmware build?
Please check the information!
need to work with the latest version!

Actually I have not used any prebuilt firmware images.i have build the bsp using the fenix script with following configuration.

#VERSION: 0.9.1


and then load these newly built images.I didn’t modify anything inside the code.

did you correctly connect the display, power supply up to 12 volts 3 Amperes?

Power connection are ok as it board is working fine.Currently i don’t have display so using the serial console to see the logs.

The issue is only related to mipi camera (dma issue that i mentioned above).
Do you have document so that I look in it.or u can tell me what this issue is related to.

@san7805 I am sorry for my late reply,
This question might seem stupid, but it could also be a reason, have you observed correct orientation of the Camera module and FPC cable ?

It seems as it cannot get response from the camera module.

You have vaild question.But the connection are ok. As the id is properly read.To me it seems to be issue with ISP module initialization process.I went through the code but could not find the main reason.In the logs i could see this DMA error only reported ,rest all things are ok.

you can go a proven way, check on Android

Hmm, the Khadas team is on vacation right now due to a local festival,
In the meantime, please try some other code, just to verify that it is not caused by hardware error,


Also check in the forum if there is anybody with similar problems, and see if they have gotten any solutions, Good day!

P.S please see if you are getting video stream in android, with a compatible app

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Ok for time being I will try to validate that no hardware error present.
But can you tell me that this ISP module code implementaton has been done by khadas or Amlogic.And is it properitory?

And when is the khadas team about to come?


It is mostly done by amlogic. I am not sure about ownership, could be proprietary as many of amlogic software tool are closed source development, they should be able to attend your problem by Monday of the coming week, please tag the appropriate personnel by putting @ symbol before their name, @Terry and @Frank should be able to help you here

this is a joint work of two industries

while you can see more information on

ok thanks for the information @Vladimir.v.v @Electr1

Well I have gone through mostly all open source docs and the threads on the community,but nothing help to solve the issue.Since the things seems to be closed source.

I will try to reach out to Amlogic for the same.Hoping to make it work



don’t worry, soon the main Khadas team will be in touch!

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Yes, I am sorry to quote that, The NPU is a design made by VeriSilicon, implemented by Amlogic :wink:
So yes it is made by two companies.

Thanks both of u @Electr1 @Vladimir.v.v :slight_smile: :grinning:

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Hey @san7805, try this command in TTY/framebuffer mode:

v4l2_test -c 1 -p 0 -F 0 -f 0 -D 0 -R 1 -r 2 -d 2 -N 1000 -n 800 -w 0 -e 1 -I 0 -b /dev/fb0 -v /dev/video0

or in Desktop mode try it with guvcview and change the pixel format to RGB24, if you are able to boot up your VIM3 correct.


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