MIPI camera OS08A10 not working with VIM3

hi @CodeLogist

thanks for the command.
I tried it but could not succesfully stream due to the issue mentioned earlier in the post "DMA issue " as u can spot in the logs

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@san7805 did you verify the camera module in android yet ?, just to verify the hardware and to see if it works.

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Then it definitely not detecting the camera module on Ubuntu, give android a try please.

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12V 2A is fine :slight_smile:


Hi, @san7805
Can you just check again with the latest official image?

BTW, be note ensure in right connections:

Have fun!


@Gouwa, I have already asked that as well :smile:

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Yes it is working with android so no hardware issue.So for linux it seems to be issue related software only

That is good, then we must see what is disturbing the camera in linux, Can you try eMMC linux image ?
See if the DTB is modified correctly.

perhaps the firmware itself does not yet support

That is not right :sweat_smile:, How can other people have it running but only a single person is having problem (that is not even Hardware related), There must be some other good reason for it, I see the all the others using eMMC while using their camera, Maybe that is a reason :slightly_smiling_face:

give an example, give a link, maybe they can help, thanks

@CodeLogist is also using the OS08A10 in Linux successfully ( but is having IR problems himself), maybe he can also help.

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you’re already confused!

he has problems with Android!

What can I do mate ?, dealing with so many of the forum members problems, can’t remember all the things :upside_down_face:

I do not mind, the main thing is that people do not get confused

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Did you see any bluish tinge kind of image from camera while it was working on Android? Which android ROM did you flash?

If its working on android, it should be working on Linux too. Are you editing the kernel or did any tweak using fenix or something? Try flashing Khadas ROM for linux kernel 4.9.