MIPI camera on Android Pie just giving blueish image in camera app

I have VIM3 and the MIPI camera on Android Pie just giving blueish image in the built-in camera app, maybe this is related to RGB4 format. Any suggestion to improve the camera quality as it’s just blueish and dark even in good lighting or any way to choose RGB3 format. Please help me out here.

The image looks like this:


disable hdr to sdr, sdr to hdr in display settings

Sorry for that. We will disable the IR-CUT fuction by default for the Camera. And will release the now ROM at the end of June.

so does that mean, That camera can see IR ?

:grinning:You can search it by google

Thanks, will try that.

Yes, that would be great and also it would be great if you could provide any option to turn it ON again. BTW @Terry can you suggest me any docs or demo app source code to run NPU Yolov3 on android?

Hey @Terry, just one more doubt. As you said the IR cut sensor is by default enabled for android camera app. What if I run ./detect_demo_mipi in Ubuntu is the IR cut filter set to ON by default there too and does it shows the same blueish camera output there also? So, doesn’t it make sense to train my model on the images captured with same IR cut filtere turn ON only? Can I turn OFF that IR cut filter in. /detect_demo_mipi also?


This is a TFL Classify demo based on the Android NN. In addition, about how to run NPU demo with JNI.
I’m exploring it. :smile:

Did you means ubuntu or Android? We will add control menu for IR CUT on Android settings.

@Terry I wanted to know about Ubuntu. Does the IR cut enabled by default when using. /detect_demo_mipi and does this also shows blueish output from mipi camera? If yes, then how to disable it or how to output clear image while running NPU demo on mipi.

Thanks for the android NN resource. Is something available similar to this one to run YOLOv3 on android with NPU?

Hey @Vladimir.v.v, these settings didn’t make the camera image clearer, still the blueish image on the screen. @Terry can you please suggest me any setting or tweak I could do to make the camera images clearer? Please someone help me.


hi, well, you can check with other firmware and OS, it may somehow be connected with incompatibility at the moment

Can you please suggest which OS can I use?

@CodeLogist the IR cut is not enabled by default, it has the blueish tinge because of all the IR light that’s bombarding the camera sensor,

if that is enabled, only visible light gets through and you will have a clear image, nothing to do with OS,

but Terry is working on a simple menu to enable and disable it, so stay in touch for that…

I believe it can be expected by the next Android release

I don’t have any IR light turned on near the camera. Even in sunlight It gives similar image.

I saw this in the 4.9 linux dts

please note that the "ir_cut_gpio =" has a value assigned to it, I believe ir_cut is enabled when that GPIO is set to high, but please verify it.

Well that is exactly the reason, the Sun emits all kind of radiation, xrays, gamma rays, even IR, (practically everything from the bottom of the spectrum till Microwaves I guess, with very high quantities) which we can’t see, so that’s why you have that blue tinge

Okay, I got that :), but how can I make it look like normal camera image? Any other OS or destro? Any setting or tweak?