Merry X'Mas: Free Tone2 Pro for Top 5 Khadas Forum Members!

Merry X’mas everyone! :grinning:

@Gouwa would like to announce that our top 5 Khadas Forum Members for 2020, will each be receiving a FREE Tone2 Pro! (Gouwa is trying to be Santa Claus)

@lilysun our sales staff will contact each person separately, for their colour choice and shipping address.

Tone2 Pro will ship later next month (January 2021). And we wish all our members a happy, merry x’mas wherever you may be!

Congratulations to:

Thanks guys for your support and contributions to our forum!

Khadas Team


Thank you very much, my friends, you are the best❣️

I wish that Khadas will become more popular all over the world, and will always be number one, good luck friends!


Thks and congratulations to all.
Merry xmas to all, and a great 2021 and i hope without the human malware.
:smiley: :star_struck: :christmas_tree:


Merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone,
congratulations to the Khadas team,

2020 was a tough year for everyone,
but still great to see khadas push out some awesome improvements and the tone2 as a new product, best of luck to khadas team for the future! :heart:

shall everyone prosper! :hugs:



Buddy, congratulations on your first place, good luck to you!

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There isn’t a first or last place to helping others :wink: :smile:


This is your contribution, the highest level :wink:


Congrats guys!!

Well earned!


Wow, that’s a surprise.

Thank you and congratulations to all the winners.

Happy holidays.


And a fine Santa he is. :santa: Gouwa and the whole Khadas Team are a generous lot. The gift of the Tone2 Pro is a pleasant surprise to say the least.

Congratulations to all recipients, but we all know who the winners are…the 10 ears of the 5 recipients are the true winners.
Thank you Gouwa and the whole Khadas Team.


Greetings from Denver. CO USA. I’m a fan of your approch and look forward to collaborating, and continuing to develop useful affordable, capable end to end tools so look forward to the future work this community can produce. It should be world wide, amd in fact is. Congrats, amd thanks in advance for your this platform, and creative partnership. Chosen/ The Creative, the guiding light is the essence of energy. Interpretation s from the I CHING. I look forward to testing new hardware and the new Google OS, and our future world wime amd connected, 5G > Fiber COPPER music production (DAC), amd peer to peer, actually secure (is that possible, given quantum brute force?). Well figure this out. Thanks for the inspiration. I will submit my Engineerimg requirements for my opens source hw/sw (hopefully) design around solar and power storage and load mgt. With a advanced from end. Will share more soon at (once I start publishing my understanding of a cool product thanks to Khadas. All is the process…

My little heart’s desire came in yesterday :grinning:
Very nicely packaged. I have not had much time to spend with it yet, but I did connect(USB-C to USB-C) it to my Moto G Power and had no issues with the phone using the Tone 2 Pro.
Many thanks again to Khadas and the whole Khadas Team for this little gem.


Friend, congratulations!

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yay, look what came in the mail today!


Will you being doing another YouTube review? :smiley:


will be doing it soon!
just waiting for my new pair of headphones :grin:

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My tone 2 pro have arrived :slight_smile:
I am still thinking of what to do with this. :grinning:

I m in love with the shade of blue.

Also the audio is so clear and detailed.

Give me some use cases for this please.


Hello, congratulations! There are several use cases, if there is a stereo system at home and connect to it using a computer, TV, and any other sound source), it can also be used for any type of headphone both for home and for going out, additionally providing it with an additional power supply. I think you will decide anyway, the DAC is a good device for music lovers and not only!

Good luck!:wink::+1:

And my DAC got stuck somewhere at the airport at customs.


sorry to hear, hope yours arrives as soon as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

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So, are these an MP3 player of sorts then?