MCU Programming

Hi, in the description of the VIM3 it says that the MCU is reprogrammable but I could not find anything about that in the docs. Could someone help me out

Hello @3id_L

For what reason you want to program the MCU? The MCU is not open source.

I think it is the best way for power-management. I want the device go to deep sleep if a GPIO-pin goes from 1 to 0 and wake up when it switches back to 1, but I want also that the device shuts down after 1 hour of deep sleep and turn back on if the GPIO pin switches back to 1. I think the first part is possible by changing a bit on the android source but the last part is only possible if we can reprogramm the mcu or use a less elegant way by shorting the power button.

Yes, you are right. But the MCU is not open source.

But what does this mean then

@3id_L, it is definitely programmable, no doubt about it, but…
there is no documentation about that Microcontroller
(here ST008, which is a 8 bit MCU by STMicroelectronics)

and even if you had a possibility of being able to program it, you wouldn’t know anything about it…
That is why @numbqq said it it not open source, and also, there is no bootloader code for it, so you literally can do nothing…

If you are willing to write bootloader code for it, or take a swim in the Internet to see if you can find anything about it, you can…

All the best mate :slight_smile:

Hello, Just to add, KBI can be used to set boot triggers, the GPIO is among them. Though it would be limited to booting from power off.
This example shows the VIM2, also applies to VIM3…
"…9) Boot Trigger Events
VIM2 supports different events for triggering boot-up:

  • WOL: Wake on Lan*
  • RTC: RTC timer*
  • IR: IR remote controller*
  • DCIN: Plug in the DC adapter*
  • Key: Power Key/Button*
  • GPIO: External GPIO events*

This means that when your VIM2 is powered-off, any of the above events can trigger it to power-on; when that trigger event has been set to the “enabled” status…"