Shutdown vim3 via gpio

hello, is there any way to turn off/ restard the vim3 (android) using gpio ?

Hello, Are you needing a remote power switch, or are you wanting some other device to turn off/power on the VIM3?

I need both of them…

I cannot help with using the GPIO for turn off/ turn on. However, a remote mechanical switch could be used at the XPWR pads shown in this picture, see blue arrow, labeled 9…

Forum member @tschultz used the XPWR pads and a relay for a remote power switch for his project, “Truck Dashboard”.


what about using the ir remote ? how is it possible ?

@taimed can you explain more about the end application ?
perhaps there could be some other easier alternative…

I want to shut down the vim3 using the gpio , or reboot it using the gpio
also the same possibility using the ir remote

In another vehicle system, we talked about using fiber optic cable for IR remote. One end to the VIM3’s IR RX and the other end sticking thru the dash somewhere. I experimented using a standard HiFi Toslink type fiber optic cable. It worked, however the beam angle from remote to the fiber optic was pretty narrow. I thought that could be improved using a diffuser or lens. If one used actual fiber optic cable, maybe more strands would help.

Thank you for your reply
but how is that relevant to my question?

My apologies, I misunderstood your question where it spoke of IR. As Electr1 stated, perhaps if we knew something of your goal/project.

1- I want to add another piece of equipment connected to the vim3 via gpio, that might send a shutdown order to the vim3 via gpio
2- As we all know, VIM3 is equipped with an IR receiver. is it possible to control the SBC using an IR remote controller?

Yes, I use the Khadas IR remote. It can power on the VIM3, put the VIM3 to sleep and bring up the power shutdown dialog box in Android. Additionally, standard IR remote functions like the directional keys, volume up/down, etc can be used.

how is that working ? and what ir remote are you using ?

It works fine for me, though the distance from the remote to the VIM3 is only about 2 meters, so not much of a challenge.
Khadas offers this IR remote. For a period of time, they offered the remote pictured below. I have the Geekbox remote. I do not have the current Khadas remote, but both work with the VIM3.

will any remote work ?

Maybe, with caveats. With certain OSes like CoreElec, I believe different IR remotes can be used. But that may involve something like using a certain Remote.conf file placed into a specific directory. Something similar may be possible with Android, but I cannot lead you through it. Possibly @Electr1 knows how to do it.

I’m using Android here

I knew this subject sounded familiar. See if anything here looks suitable to your needs. I see “GPIO: External GPIO events*” among them.