Make vim3l suspend more power saver

I’m experimenting with vim3l and a fenix-built debian-lxde-4.9 image to save power while the user is inactive or selects suspend mode. (suspend by systemctl)

Although I was able to suspend my board, other services such as Bluetooth and WiFi continued to operate.

I looked for commands or APIs that would allow me to disable them. For manual operation, I discovered that the command below works nicely

  • WiFi

    • turn off : sudo nmcli radio wifi off
    • turn on : sudo nmcli radio wifi on
  • Bluetooth

    • turn on : sudo systemctl stop bluetooth-khadas.service
    • turn off : sudo systemctl stop bluetooth-khadas.service

but before creating a systemd script and placing it under I was hoping to find out whether there was a way to do it with the kernel, or if there was a more generic way to do it, such as using ‘linux/kernel/power/suspend.c’.

I’m a newbie BSP engineer who’s worked on a couple of Linux driver implementations. If at all feasible, I’d like to complete this action using the Linux kernel rather than systemd.

@Gouwa @numbqq
This feature is basic, so I’m assuming you’ve already tested it. Can you share any details on the feature, if it’s still in development, or suggestions based on your experience?

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@numbqq @Gouwa can you provide info here?

Have you checked other desktop environment? e.g. GNOME.

I had tried Ubuntu-LXDE but didn’t test it with Gnome yet. I will test it out now.

Sorry for the delay in responding; I tested on gnome as you advised. vim3l-gnome-ubuntu similarly bluetooth and wifi remain active on when I suspend Ubuntu.

Vim3l was connected to my phone’s wifi hotspot and Bluetooth pair for testing. When I turn on the device and manually toggle the connection on/off, the phone’s status refreshes in 3 seconds.