Mainline linux EMMC VIM3L

@hyphop I’m trying to install to EMMC this way. After copying all image via dd if=/VIM3L_Ubuntu-server-focal_Linux-5.7-rc7_arm64_SD-USB_V0.9-20200530.img /of=/dev/sdb I see the new U-BOOT starting, then it says that boot.ini found, and after that “Script failed”, “No partition table”. I.'m attaching screen picture from connected HDMI display.

When I erased EMMC via Kresque, booted this image from SD, ran “emmc-install”, I got the similar result.
Any suggestions how to fix it?

hi, maybe you need to restore the bootloader, first use USBBurningTool to restore, and then repeat the procedure with sd

USBBurningTool does not work on VIM3L due to a DDR issue. Also, when I write old Bionic-4.9 image in EMMC via Kresque, it boots just fine.

cannot be this, where did you get such information?

you could mistakenly take the firmware from vim3, then there could be an error! pay attention to it!

It was discussed earlier in this topic: Anyone successfully flashed Linux on VIM3L without bricking it?

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Yes! exactly as @Vladimir.v.v said , @vkozloff did you flash the correct image file, in the case of DDR error it indicates the Wrong image file, please verify the image.

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By the way, for fun, you can try different versions of USBBurningTool, there is information that they behave differently, you need to check of course

yea like @Vladimir.v.v says :wink:

but the recommended version is v2.2.0

If always fails with the following result:

I have tried three VIM3L with this result; on the same PC I can flash VIM1 without error. That’s why I am looking for any method to flash Ubuntu with new U-Boot and mainline kernel to VIM3L’s EMMC.

for fun, try the previous version of the USB Burning Tool

@vkozloff It is the wrong image ! you were flashing it with VIM3 image, not VIM3L image, that should solve the problem

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try to put it here “Erase all”

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Yea, that one too :smiley: !

yes, everything is as expected, firmware incompatibility

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Here is your image!

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Sorry, my bad. Just downloaded VIM3L_Ubuntu-server-bionic_Linux-4.9_arm64_EMMC_V20191231.7z and flashing via USBBurnTool is in progress now. Will try to repeat the procedure with sd after that. Thanks!

yes, there you can choose “focal” or “bionic”, to your taste

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Yes, sweet or spicy :wink:

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Ok, I flashed it via USBBurnTool successfully, VIM3L boots, but when I just did

`sudo apt install linux-u-boot-vim3l-mainline linux-image-amlogic-mainline`

I finished with “No partition table - mmc 2” error.