Little Disapointed running coreelec

Yes, all works with test build.

Yes, all works now thank you, all HD formats and Atmos and DTS-X

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Toggle your Kodi settings mode to Expert to see all config options.


Will a CoreELEC new order image be made available?

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@pdffs Thanks for the help, after all this time I had forgotten the existence of this display mode.

@numbqq Here is my assessment after a few hours of use :

  • All audio formats are recognized and decoded. It finally works!
  • In addition, fast forward works much better, it’s more stable, and more responsive. Which probably comes from the improvements made by Kodi 21.

Thanks to Khadas and CE teams. :saluting_face:

On the other hand, I notice some problems :

  • Indeed, there is the problem linked to loading Skin as indicated above by @pdffs

  • But above all, the activation time of the audio tracks is very long. I have the image appear instantly, while the sound arrives after a few seconds. This is the case with DTS-HD audio and more particularly with Dolby Atmos and DTS-X. And I sometimes have a few small dropouts (no more sounds for a few seconds). Maybe it’s related to my equipment? However, I did not have this latency on my VIM 3.

Hello @David_T

This is only test image for audio, and for other issues CoreELEC team will fix and release new image.

Again, thanks CoreELEC Team for the effort.

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Thanks Numbqq
I’m dreaming a little I think, but does Dolby Vision have a chance of arriving one day?

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I have a question: Will VIM4 codebase become upstream from now on or kernel 5.15 will be the last kernel that Amlogic and you (Khadas) will be supporting?

VIM4 already has very basic upstream support.

Yes, 5.15 will be future support code.

Yes, yes, yes.
Many thanks to the Khadas and CoreElec Teams.

Now eagerly waiting for the stable version :-).

Ultimate aim for me is to build a multi-channel roon endpoint.

Hello @David_T @PaulZH @maff76

Latest nightly build image is ready, the pil issue should be fixed. You can install with oowow online.

  • vim4-coreelec-amlogic-ne.aarch64-21.0-omega_nightly_20240126-test-only.img.xz
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Another step forward. Fixed issue loading extensions. Thanks!

But the latency problem for loading the sound is still present. (The sound comes 5s after the image each time you manipulate it. And sometimes never even comes back after you have moved forward a chapter. When this happens, you have to restart the film to recover sound.)

Another small problem. When you return to the interface after stopping a film, the cover of the latter disappears.

(I don’t have its bugs on the original 20.3 image)

For the rest it’s OK.

Hello @David_T

Maybe you can get some information here:

I can’t verify this, but the audio track activation delay issue may be caused by something else in my audio setup. If no one sees the same thing as me, we can therefore consider that the contract has been fulfilled. Thank you for keeping your word.

Last questions:

This .IMG is stamped “Test” according to the name of the file, I conclude that a “stable” version should arrive? Will it update automatically from the Kodi interface or will you still have to go through Oowow?

Finally, is there any hope that Vim4 could be Dolby Vision compatible one day? Which would make it the perfect box for multimedia and probably the best CE box currently.

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Once stable version released we will upload to server then you can install with oowow online.

Still no plan for VIM4 at this moment.

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Oowow is really very practical, but it would be even more practical if the update of the stable version was done automatically from CE. However, as this is a new “Beta” version of Kodi, I’m not sure if CE will offer this. So, don’t hesitate to notify us when this version is published. Thanking you for all this progress.

Hello @David_T

This this nightly build version just for testing.

CE already support online upgrade for the stable version.

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