Little Disapointed running coreelec

HI there

I purchased a VIM4 to hopefully use with coreelec as advertised but it is a little disapointing so far, i know not your fault but the Audio driver doesn’t seem to be able to do HD audio passthrough(although i would say by now this is an expected feature and should be working before advertised to work with something) coreelec say this is a driver bug, but unable to see/find if there is any progress on it being fixed by Amlogic.

And not having an onboard IR sensor i think was a mistake as i am unable to wake the box up via a usb keyboard or usb MCE remote/dongle, unsure if power to usb is supplied when the device goes to sleep but nothing seems to wake it

hope can help with some news or info about these small but show stopping issues


About this issue, we will try to fix.

USB keyboard also can’t wake up the device?

For current CE is an early version, we will update the new version next week, it may have some improment.

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Audio is a very complex issue in Kodi, see here, here and here.

Additionally Amlogic is being uncooperative. As an end user, feel free to reach out to Amlogic and put some pressure on them.

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