Little Disapointed running coreelec

it was a statement from the coreelec team that it still doesn’t work on kernal 5.15

i still find it pretty poor that they still advertise it as a use case for coreelec and yet no mention that it cannot do HD audio still

You guys didn’t pay for license and it will never work as advertised.

If the promise is not kept before the end of the year, we will push for a refund or replacement… I have supported Khadas for years, promoted this company on CE forums and purchased dozens of products Khadas. This is the first time I’ve been disappointed, and I sincerely hope they don’t let us down with this.

Headless server duty for home assistant runs great. Just preordered the ugoos am8 to replace my S905X4.

Hello @David_T

Sorry for issues, we tried to push Amlogic to fix this issue on VIM4, but for certain business reasons, license is required to enable the passthrough, so it is not supported by default.

Hi @numbqq
I don’t understand. Are you saying that HD audio will never be supported? A year of waiting for nothing?

No and they been knew.

Hello @David_T

Sorry, for the business reasons from Amlogic, the license is required.

I don’t understand. This box that I bought for €300 to replace my VIM3 will never offer HD sound?? DTS-HD, TrueHD, DTS-X, Dolby Atmos?? I bought two, I waited over a year, for nothing in the end??

I spent a year developing multimedia software on this box for nothing. I’m just disgusted. I still hope that you will propose an important gesture for loyal customers who have been in this situation… Do you plan to release a VIM 5 with amlogic s928x?

Sorry for that, current situation is the TureHD need license.

VIM5 will not based on S928X.

Yes, I do agree that this is not handled well by Khadas. I’ll move on.

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I can understand that this can happen, and accept that I wasted so much time and money. On the other hand, given the situation, I don’t understand why there is no commercial gesture of takeover or other…

The choice of chipset for Vim5 is surprising. If not S928X, what chipset is it?

sorry for everyone who has wasted time and money on these

still no update to the product page to say that HD audio is not supported, as everything on there would leave me to think it does still

so is it amlogic not paying for the licence or yourselves?


We are still pushing Amlogic to add the TureHD audio passthrouth support on VIM4, but we can’t guarantee it will happen soon.

The SoC shipped on VIM4 doesn’t contain TureHD audio support, it is other version that support it.

can you stop advertising it works with coreelec or put a disclaimer that there is no HD audio support

this is the part the annoys me the most out of all this, we want to use it how amlogic obvisouly don’t so you need to stop false advertising and mention it doesn’t work, as one would expect coreelec to support HD audio


Does this mean current owners do not get hd audio support and there will be new board version? I am asking because I bought board for Coreelec use.

Sorry for trouble, we never advertered VIM4 CoreELEC supports TureHD.

No new board version for VIM4. It requires a new SoC with releated license but we don’t have plan to release such SoC.

@maff76 @ollet Anyway, we are still pushing Amlogic to fix this issue in softeware, and they promised to develop this function now, but we still can’t promise the time when it will be supported, we will update here is we we make progress.