LCD Mount for Khadas Captain + Edge / Edge-V


Captain is on its way through the factory already. Maybe @Gouwa can consider that for Captain v1.1!



regarding the SSD if your referring to the nvme maybe include an adhesive heatsink that attaches to the ssd or a metal back plate for for the case that conducts heat from it.



another improvement for the captain 1.1 would be a Power over Ethernet integration that way it would have a stable internet connection and act as an alternative source of power without having the barrel jack in front




  • Switched to 2mm thick acrylic sheeting
  • Added space for the exhaust manifold
  • Only 3 pieces required for assembly, screen, top cover, bottom tub
  • Bottom tub made via hot-bending and gluing (prototyping phase)



SSD Temperature / Resultant Airflow:

  • Gets to around 40C-ish in my physical tests.
  • Simulation looks about right in my opinion (the case does feel warm in that way).
  • Not too sure what to do about it right now, will leave these here to contemplate.

If the case was oriented vertically, the hot air could escape through the port-region. However, assuming it’s used horizontally (as depicted), then it will be a little more challenging.


  • Combined air flow with fan + heat from SSD
  • Do note that I did not include the SoC as a heat source
  • Air currents form beneath the board to transfer heat to the colder end of the board


  • With RK3399 SoC at 60C.
  • Noted the re-circulation (trapped) hot air beneath the Captain Carrier Board.
  • Battery modeled as a solid piece of polycarbonate.
  • Assumes perfect thermal contact between SoC and heatsink.


  • Heatsink surface temperature plot.
  • Hottest point is where the SoC is.
  • Aluminium is a good conductor, not much difference in temps.




  • Vent holes have eliminated re-circulation of hot air.
  • Side vent holes necessary to break re-circulation pattern.
  • Decrease in the size of the “battery hot spot”.
  • Simulation assumes that SSD is a static 40C source, and SoC is a static 60C source.
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  • Adding more holes improves result even further.
  • Limit to how many holes I can add, without compromising the acrylic.



Great to see.
More Vents better cooling,
Been saying this for years with those other not so Quality Media players small black boxes no vents.



I’ve settled on a glued bottom case, looks good.

Unfortunately unable to attain the required tolerances via hot-bending. :frowning:



very interesting. would you kindly share the details of LCD model and connections, is it usable for VIM1?

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Been thinking for a while about how to get a hinge made. This could potentially work, now that I’ve got the new option of “glue”. @ufneeme will get back to you regarding the LCD screen, they’re all in a box somewhere…



I’ve fleshed out the hinge-design further. This looks almost ready for prototyping. Just have to check the LCD again, and ensure the FPC cable can go where it needs to. Comments and suggestions are welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking whether the screen acrylic pieces should be composed of 3mm sheets (a little thicker and more durable). @Gouwa prefers the base to be 2mm, as the rear ports of the Edge/Captain were designed with that thickness in mind.

Previously, I never liked those “wings” sticking out at the sides, too breakable. This design tucks everything roughly into the casing footprint, taking into consideration space for airflow. That’s the reason why I don’t tuck the LCD flush against the bottom case - I want some nice space for air to flow about, even when the screen is retracted.

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For the aesthetically-inclined (and also possibly easier to put into your bag), here’s the version with the screen flush with the bottom case.

I’ve also realised that the touchscreen needs 5.5mm of depth (x2 3mm sheets), when the daughter board is attached. The design is not final, I think we will attempt to make it even thinner.

This design however renders the exhaust manifold useless when the screen is retracted, and air will have to come out through the side-vent.

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Or you can just tilt the screen up when the RK3399 is getting hot, or when you need access to the GPIOs.



You can never have too much of that airflow Rule Number 1 and vents

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Some nice renders to sell the design. :grinning:



@ufneeme only compatible with the Edge, Edge-V or VIM3.

5-inch diagonal, 1080P resolution, 5-point multitouch.