LCD Mount for Khadas Captain + Edge / Edge-V


Hi Guys,

I’m designing an rotating LCD touchscreen mount for the Khadas Captain. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Design is based on the assumption that we’ll use acrylic sheets, M3 standoffs and screws. If you guys have more suggestions for fasteners, components, etc, would be helpful.

Likely gonna use a laptop hinge like this one:


A DIY Portable Computer :smile:


Another idea, Completely concealed type on of unit,
Better for Portable work: robust

Having switches and ports easy access may cause some further creative thinking.
Plastic or Metal, costs depending, tooling etc


Yea! You’re right!

A design that doesn’t need to flex / bend is much easier to build!

@Gouwa had this idea that the screen should be able to move.

Personally, I’m thinking about how the SBC will cool itself.

(a) exposed passive heatsink
(b) smaller fan cooled system

I’ll prototype another design that doesn’t need to move.


V model could mount as is nearly
Standoffs made on a frame to match mounting holes on Edge V
Edge V could be mounted in corner
Ports could be accessed (cut out in bottom edge)

Switches thru side. ether buttons or just pin holes

Captain have no Base on back so you could access all buttons and bits required

A clear case would set if off look kinda groovy, or metal, again all in the tooling

7 or 10 inch version possible just a bezel on front to cover dead area


Tablet form-factor for Edge-V and 1080P Touchscreen. (Also compatible with Li-Po Battery, New VIM Heatsink and 3705 Cooling Fan). Design is subject to change, as this is a concept only. :slight_smile: