Krescue - take full control of your VIM device! easy way to install ANY OS! + back/restore your system

yes ! will be soon ! but have some limitations which need understand - before use it - i will make announcement when it will be ready !

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alright this is the link to my logcat file logcat.log
hopefully i have done this right I’m hoping you can see what’s causing my vim2 to random restart or rebooting I don’t know what’s causing this problem I’ve factory reset I’ve downgraded the Android OS but it’s still keeps I even returned it back to you to fix the led light problem I did mention about the restart or rebooting your engineers said they couldn’t find anything else wrong with the vim2 I wasn’t happy because it’s still doing it I contacted someone on the here khadas forum someone said it could be the power source I’m starting to think it could be this so I’ve ordered plug and cable hopefully this will fix the problem so I’m hoping you can find what’s causing this from the logcat file from the vim2.

is this image for Krescue?

Hi, there must be yes, there is even a signature in the name of the image.


Thank you for this nice tool !
Currently I have Coreelec 9.2.6 emmc thanks to krescue and I want to update to Matrix build.
Is it possible to have Amlogic-ng Coreelec 19 Matrix build for khadas vim 1 in Krescue ?

i will prepare it soon


I burned Khadas recue to SD. First time KR (Khadas Rescue) booted normaly and I flashed SC ATV image. But now I don’t go to run KR. Starts ATV, or Android Recovery mode. How do I clean and install another system now?

Dear @hyphop

Manjaro arm for vim3 latest version is now 21.03.

Can you please update the images in krescue for manjaro?



Hello Yasir, Good to see you are wasting no time with the new board.
Until hyphop rolls out the latest, I think it is possible to make a Krescue image…emphasis on “think”. :grin:

Have a look here. That applies to the VIM1, but mat still be relevent.

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ok i will check it on next week !


We will been having 21.04 release by next week.
I will prepare images for all vims with your mainline uboot to be used with kresque.

You can flash the current image available in krescue and update it and that will be the same as flashing latest image as Manjaro is rolling release.


Ah… i forgot it’s arch hence its rolling. My bad…

Even then having updated images is a bonus :smiley:

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Yes we release it every 2 months.

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Today i tried to install manjaro kde through sdcard krescue. I was connected through wifi inside krescue. The downloading somehow stops at 50% and doesn’t proceed.

I tried to clean all dump files and started from zero but again the download stopped at 50% .

@hyphop can you please check why?

I will now try to download manjaro image separately and placed in krescue images dump and try to install again.

Hi Bro,

Today I have successfully installed manjaro on vim3pro using Krescue and right now updating. Everything seems to be working fine. Thanks to khadas devs for making krescue and spikerguy for making a beautiful manjaro available to us.


By the way, 1080p in firefox worked very well indeed.

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problem already disappear ?

problem remain.

So i used another PC and downloaded manjaro from and put into sdcard partition /dump/downloads

After that, i again used sdcard to boot krescue and flashed the downloaded image. But Krescue image downloading was not stable, i only tried 2 times and both on wifi link.

Tomorrow i will check on ethernet also.

Sounds like your download is timing out or it is dropping the connection. Must be due to latency between your ISP to the source server. Happens sometimes.

Wanna try with panfrost support ? If you want to play around and do some testing?

Install mesa git using this command
sudo pacman -S mesa-git This will ask you to remove mesa just say yes to it.

Then make replace none with glamor in this file > /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/01-panfrost.conf

Reboot. Hopefully you should have panfrost support with faster app loading and other Graphical elements loading with the help of GPU, there are still some glitches though. If you want to revert back then just make glamor to none and install mesa instead of mesa-git
sudo pacman -S mesa

Good Luck

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Probably, i downloaded through proper download manager on other pc so it was quick and no issue. Krescue probably uses only 1 download connection and is not able to resume once disconnected.