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VIM3 Android Pie - images update to V200624

PS: please use online krescue installation, no need download images manually!

  • clean previous cached images (simple way is erase dump partition)
  • check online images
  • install android image

Thank you so much @hyphop
will test it later and tell you !

awesome time to play

Thank a lot, hyphop.
Tried this morning, with versions/, all works.

Just one thing, why the MEM is showing 2G? I think mine should be the 4G version.

your sure ? please confirm it - and i will check it - make photo of your VIM3

my vim3 pro - have 4G :wink:

@hyphop that looks weird…
2GB ram but also 29GB eMMC ???

well @melvin, congrats, you have a rare specimen :sweat_smile:

Are you guys able to tell the chip from the photo?

You have 4/32, Pro version

Well the eMMC is 32 GB (KLMAG1JETD-B041) as I can Identify,
but the RAM chip I cannot Identify properly…

think right, there are only 2/16 and 4/32 :wink:

Umm, please pay attention to the problem we are facing here…

make photo like my for RAM chip

The best I could get.

Hello @melvin

From the picture the DDR is 4GB.

Have you checked other firmware? Ubuntu and Android ? What’s the size of the DDR?

its was android with android-uboot and krescue :wink:

PS: start android and try to check memory size in android !

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@Hyphop, I was hopefully able to get the krescue loaded and it booted perfectly ( Yay!)

but when I went into the about device panel… (yowza!)

However I know my device has 4GB, as I have seen it in use in Ubuntu and Android…

So perhaps another little bug ? (but not much of a deal I guess…)

show me screenshot from android!!

sure, this is the output of CPU-Z about system status…

Please note I have already verified it :slight_smile:

OK! i have checked already ! confirmed :wink:
will be fixed soon

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I am trying to install Volumio Firmware, but I am having problems with Krescue. I downloaded the version for VIM3, recorded it on the SD Card, put it in the box and it starts blinking, arrives to blink red once, then it keeps blinking blue forever. There is no image on the TV, but there is a signal, the TV does not report a lack of signal, but it remains black display. The Power button on the remote control is functional, turns off the box.

I found it strange that after recording the SD Card, file S905 appears as if the file was not from VIM3 Pro. I downloaded it twice to make sure the file was correct. Am I doing something wrong?