Khadas VIM4 is coming soon!

Hello everyone:

We’ve got some news here:
A brand new VIM4 SBC with the Amlogic A311D2 SoC is launching on 10 May! It comes with the Mali G52 MP8(8EE) GPU, 8GB LPDDR4X RAM, 32GB eMMC storage and HDMI input

#VIM4 (8/32GB) Launch Price:

Option 1:
VIM4 Active Cooling Kit: $239.9
Early Bird: $219.9

Option 2:
VIM4 Bareboard: $219.9
Early Bird: $199.9

Access to our VIM4 Early Bird Launch price, $20 off from May 10th to June 10th.
Shipping Date: Within 2-days after your order has been placed; Spot Sale
Note: The current version of VIM4 does not include an NPU, future refresh version might include an NPU.

Help us out by sharing #VIM4 with your friends, and join the discussion in this forum thread!

Link to our launch page: Khadas VIM4
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Supported OSes:

  • Android 11.0
  • Ubuntu 22.04
  • Khadas OOWOW

Useful links:

Introduction to OOWOW

We are super excited to tell you guys that we will be launching the OOWOW embedded system with VIM4. OOWOW was originally known as Krescue, and it is a huge upgrade to the original system!

Key Features:

  • Install / reinstall OS
  • Download online OS images
  • Remote access control via HTTP/SSH
  • Backup and restore system
  • Display full device information
  • Configure device
  • Device hardware testing
  • Online script collection
  • Rescue shell
  • Developer and advanced features

What’s in the Box

VIM4 Single Board Computer (x1)
New VIM Heatsink (x1)
3705 Cooling Fan (x1)
Wi-Fi & BT Antennas (x2)
User Manual (x1)
Quickstart Guide (x1)

Khadas Team


Great news!

Is nominal price structure info available yet?

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Hi Silver. Thank you for your support! The price of VIM4 will be released on its launch day : ) Please stay tuned!

Hi Ruby,

Thank you for sharing that information.

Will it be listed for sale with immediate shipping, this would be just for a couple of boards for testing?

I know this is a very hard question to answer, what is the projected EoL (end of life) for the VIM4.

The question is, will there be the 16 GB RAM version? I have been waiting for an answer for two months since the first time there was a post ( Gouwa) about if there were people who would like the 16 GB version.

So will there indeed be a 16 GB RAM version?

hello you are warmly welcome.
VIM4 will be listed for sale on 10th May and available for immediate shipping. The warranty for VIM4 is 1 year after shipment date. The lifecycle will be no less than 5 years as other khadas VIMs SBC.

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VIM4 has 8GB RAM, 32 eMMC storage version. There will be no 16GB RAM version. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Ruby,

Thank you very much for responding, your assistance is appreciated.

Your reply has broken my heart. :sob: Why is this world so cruel…why…why…whyyy… :sob: :sob:

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Yeayyy VIM4.

Some freshly baked chips here.

Shouldn’t do that cause 8gb is enough for what the board is capable of doing.
Anything more might be just waste of ram chips.

16gb would be needed for 8 cores of A73.

Don’t be sad, try the 8gb version and you will be surprised to see how well it performs.

Looking on those pictures - I’m curious does it now compatible with TS050 ? I don’t see how it could be attached - I can see MIPI - DSI connector, but don’t see touch screen smaller one. Perhaps new display module is coming ?

@OldNavi You can use TS050, we have combined the two FPC transposons into one 40PIN FPC transposons. But you need a new cable.

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Well that’s the problem.

Currently i have the Raspberry pi 4 8GB RAM edition with Argonone m.2 case + 2 TB SATA m.2 SSD.

What have i running on it?

  • deluge daemon + deluge web
  • Sabnzbd
  • Apache
  • mariadb + phpmyadmin
  • Nextcloud server
  • Icinga2
  • Gitlab server CE edition
  • code server (vs code)

Besides these i want some additional applications such as

  • openldap server
  • pxe server
  • jDownloader (headless)
  • Syncthing (easy sync with my NAS that is not 24/7 on)

With the current installed software i am already at around 5-6 GB (idle). So yeah thats the reason i want to have enough RAM to accommodate sudden surges in RAM when all of them are busy at the same time with additional 4 core making it a octa-core. When i saw that there was the question of people also wanting the 16 GB RAM + octa core CPU + low power i was like “VIM4 would you like to marry me?”

I currently have the VIM2 Max as my CoreElec box, but wanted to switch to the Raspberry pi 4 8 GB edition as my LibreElec box (Amlogic stopped supporting S912 soc) and using VIM4 16GB RAM version if it would be released for the low power server.

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We were hoping for the same thing for one of our products. Also doing stuff with video and plenty of ram is needed for that too. Also need faster PCIe r/w speeds to NVMe, the dedicated USB 3 /PCIe is nice.

Booting from NVMe would be nice too.

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The sad thing is, although there are hexa and now octa-cores availble a large part of the SCB’s will still stay at quadcores because that “fullfills” the need of many people already + staying at low cost (just look at Raspberry pi 4 still at 4 cores). Even raspberry pi 5 i’m afraid will not deliver octa-cores let alone 16 GB of RAM.

It would be awesome if Khadas would open a pledge something for people like us. Even if for example would only make lets say 100 VIM4’s with 16 GB. I mean i’m sure there are 100 people that would love to have ONE low power server to RULE THEM ALL :smiley: If not people, for sure companies like yours that would even buy multiple not just 1.

Well i think this is already possible. With my Raspberry Pi 4 i have Ubuntu server 20.04 running on the M.2 SATA SSD. Big relief from the nightmare of corrupt and slow micr-sdcards.

Khadas VIM3 booting from SSD: Boot Ubuntu from M.2 SSD - #2 by Electr1

Maybe then Khadas compact SBC isn’t an option for you ? You can’t just increase cores and RAM and stay in the same power budget and PCB size - so far there is no huge jump in chip build tech process. VIM3 is already on Amlogic chip with 12nm tech process. Dunno what tech process is for A311D2. - but hard to believe that it is 3-5 nm :slight_smile: Even despite tech process you have to stay in the money budget - all latest and greatest features will increase cost a much, plus microchips shortage nowadays is far away from the end. Be realistic and try to select a software stack suitable for the HW…

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Well costs are not the thing i am looking at. I mean even if i would pay for example $200 for it, i would still do it. It’s an investment for the future. That is why i bought the VIM2 MAX back in the day (2018). I though it would be usefull up until 10 years. Not knowing that less than 4 years later it would be useless (no more big CoreElec updates). Besides this, i am trying to live a minimalistic lifestyle so whatever i buy i want it to be used for multiple purposes with less power usage.

One could say well buy a NUC, but again we come back to powercosumption. That is why in the past i also bought a Turris Omnia Router. Replace/upgrade Wifi cards, put a mSATA ssd in it with a Linux container now being my Pi Hole server and still receiving frequent firmware updates.

Do you know another SCB that fullfills my requirements of 8 cores + 16 GB RAM with at least 1 USB 3.0?

Enough in the world - but forget about $200 cost… As I said earlier - Khadas team is trying to make affordable SBC - so they are balancing between many limitation factors, power, size, price and so on…

For what you are looking - perhaps as example - quickly qoogled for Qualcomm® Robotics RB5 Development Platform - 96Boards

Everything has it is own price – more you pay - more you get

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Radxa Rock5.

(Ignore this part, there’s a post length limit.)