Khadas Vim3 + CoreElec all work!

please take your time to tinker with it…

more information can be found in the coreelec community, good luck!

Well, modifying the squashfs didn’t help either. Turns out the file to modify is /flash/dtb.img, which is the actual dtb that is used by coreelec!

Now I can enjoy silence :slight_smile:


Good to hear buddy, I hope that, the provided guide was of some help to you :slight_smile:

Now it is in the “off” mode?

@Vladimir.v.v Nope, auto mode but it only kicks in at 60°C so almost never.

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I understand you, good news!

@alucryd It is always best to have active cooling, and to have your package temperature as low as possible, it helps to increase lifespan…

Even 60°C is quite high, try to keep it less than 50°C, I can guarantee you,
your SBC will last for decades…

If 60 was too high, the thermal throttle threshold would be 60 not 85, I think it will be just fine :wink:

The actual throttling figure is 70C and that places 60C way to close for comfort with little margin for peak loads. The life of silicon is shortened in inverse relationship to its temp.
All of the VIM’s benefit from active cooling.


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Exactly, less wear and tear from thermal stress…

the processor is designed so that if there are thermal sensors, then there can be no problems in principle, I mean for the processor itself, since the sensors will respond to overheating and the processor will simply reduce the frequency, the processor itself will always be in good condition!
So don’t worry about the processor ,guys!

My S905x3 chipped board with minimal heatsinking would constantly throttle in normal Coreelec use. I added a lazy 4inch fan and now it sits down at 45C and peaks at 55C. To my simple mind, a chip that throttles constantly is inadequately cooled.
We are all able to make our own choices - but for me improving the cooling is mandatory.


are you talking about vim3L?

No, but the VIM3L has poorer cooling than the board I am talking about.


a lot depends on the manufacturer’s factory, what soldering, quality of components, etc.



I just received my VIM 3L HTPC box preloaded with latest official CE. It is a very capable “it just works” box indeed. Thank you very much Khadas and hyphop. First thing I did is make a Krescue backup :sunglasses:


hello, I have received my first VIM3 Pro today. I installed coreelec (CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.1-Matrix.tar). I made a fresh install but have a problem.

HDR automatically is activated whole time. even on SDR movies.
tone map SDR to HDR and HDR to SDR is both deactivated. but it runs automatically in HDR mode again directly with khadas logo on booting.

Hello! If you are talking about the official assembly of coreelec, then I advise you to write on their official website, since this assembly does not directly relate to Khadas in any way. I also advise you to play with the system settings in “expert” mode.
Good luck to you!

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