Khadas Vim3 + CoreElec all work!

after install LibreElec, too many thinks not work very well.
I install CoreElec(nigthly) in my usb 3.0 and __Netflix___work 1080p ( over Android at only 960*540)

I would like to have Android_tv and Coreelec installed and be able to choose the boot.

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Hello, i have received my khadas vim3 and i have installed coreelec, but it show only 3370MB total memory ram, why?

I have Beelink GT king and coreelec show more total memory ram, 3754MB

For other side, how can i install coreelec in the emmc?


GLUPS! my system is 2GB/16GB basic

----> Please be aware that if users choose to use the installtointernal script to install CoreELEC to the internal partitions of their devices then no support or assistance will be offered by any CoreELEC developer for any issues that you may have or that may arise in the future.

You may receive assistance via the community but you WILL NOT receive any official support or assistance.

There is 1 exception to this for users with developer boards, ie, LePotato / Odroid C2 / Khadas VIM1/2, support WILL be offered as these boards are designed for this purpose.

There is a long history of problems that installing to internal has caused on cheap Chinese devices and as such this policy is something that the whole team is in agreement on.

@marpemim This should be caused by uboot. Can you burn a Ubuntu or Android firmware and view memory? This is a bug in software.

It’s known issue here:


Ok, and how i update uboot


@marpemim We’re going to release a new Android firmware, and then you’ll burn the new Android firmware to eMMC and start your coreELEC from SDcard.

ok, thanks.

In the future, could i install coreelec in emmc? i do no use android and i want use emmc and i don´t want lost one usb or sd port for boot coreelec.

After update to latest android firmware vim3 basic
Incorect Interface color to green color
Android color normal

@profd Which version with android firmware you used ? the lastest version is v190907

@Xove_64 Can you give me a link to download the firmware with CE . I will test with it .

Latest night build coreelec
I flash back VIM3_Pie_V190809 and color back to normal

@profd the lastest android fimware is V190907, It finish this bug .Can you try with it ? THX

If i flash V190907 coreelec boot logo and interface is green (incorect rgb).
But android color corect.

Maybe they haven’t apply latest patches for kernel.

But android V190907 is with latest patches. So it has issues for the color.

You can use VIM3_Pie_V190809.

Have you released the new Android firmware yet?


Check here: VIM3 Android Pie V190907 ROM Release

But this firmware is prior to my message, it is true?

Khadas VIM3---->Finaly… normal users are not going to use :
**NPU .- Next generation, deep-neural-network applications, at 5.0 TOPS.
**PCIe and USB 3.0 Switchable
***Dual Independent Displays
***Dual Cameras
***40 Pin header
***GPIO expander
all of this for use simply Kodi!
We have bought an electric car and we have nowhere to plug it :slight_smile:

<<<<-UPDATE ERROR ->>>>>>>>> I have installed the VIM3 CoreElec Nigthly _ 20190911 Amlogic-ng.arm and in the last update it crashes when starting on the red home page that COREELEC says, I had to reset 3 times so that it ended up starting.
Has it happened to someone else? I have disabled the updates but the “pending updates” message still appears.