Khadas VIM1S Android11 Kernel Customization

Dear Team,

  1. We have recently purchased Khadas VIM1S and build Android11 for our project. we have generated updated.img and flashed into eMMC and working fine.
    But, We have some specific changes needed to be done in kernel level for LTE modem interface
    and some more HW level configurations. As we are new to Android(Linux) Kernel, can you please
    give me the procedure to make changes using menuconfig / .config and rebuild the Android11 to accommodate kernel changes.
  2. Also wanted to add splash screen in the beginning ? How do to that ?
  3. Also Is there any way, we can flash the update.img into SD card instead of eMMC directly ?. We tried using sudo dd if=/path/to/image of=/dev/sdX bs=1M command, but failed to boot. Then we using AML upgrade tool for loading our compiled update.img


Simply add or modify the code in the following file.

splash screen what?

Sorry, Android does not support SD card startup function.

Must be referring to Either boot logo or android file customization.

@goenjoy Thanks for Reply,
Splash Means, In which path to update and is there any process to create ?


@Electr1 Yes, Rightly Said am referring to

You can refer to format of from google source: bootanimation format

For VIMs Android, the boot animation is in /system/media/
It’s the same format used among all android bootanimation, you can try

to fetch the boot animation currently on the device:

adb pull /system/media/ /some/destination/in/your/computer

to push the boot animation from your computer to override the one on the device

adb push /some/destination/in/your/computer/  /system/media/ 



Common Pits in Bootaniation Production:
After editing the desc.txt file, be sure to remember to wrap it, that is, hit the enter key!!! Say important things three times. Switch the cursor to a blank line, otherwise you won’t be able to read your animation resources after replacing the native animation.

Compress directly under the Windows operating system. When compressing, select the storage mode. Note that it is not a common mode or the default mode.

If using the Linux command to compress, use this command: zip -0 -r ./ ./*

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