Khadas Vim info

It’ s not boring, as a dev board, many will buy the VIM as a learning platform. I would expect many will thirst for the same info you are wanting. Count me among them. Much to learn.
All in due time.

Hi, Tommy21:

Yes, you are right, and our team are updating more tutorials/documentations on Khadas Docs for our users.

As the videos, we arranged 20PCS VIM Pro to different website editors last month, but shipment take some time, anyway, I think videos and reviews from them would be ready in this month.

Trebor got his box, and posted some benchmarks on freaktab. :slight_smile:

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Me again, first of all merry christmas and happy new year to all of you!

Still haven’t received the device, but i have few more questions.

As you have said, gpio can be used to add 2 more usb ports, i will need them asap :slight_smile:, how can i connect them, do i need official Vim stuff, or can i use for example something made for raspberry pi, odroid etc…

I want to buy a fan too, and still nothing on gearbest, why is it delayed?

Hi, Tommy21:
Happy new year!

Yes, there are 2 USB port on GPIO, check the pinout for further info.

In normal, all the VIM ROMs will support the 2 GPIO-USB two, same withe the port-USBs.
What do you mean examples make for RPI or odroid?

About cooling fan, we took order to a Taiwan factory, but still need some time when fans available to sale.
And as the other accessories for VIM, we will push Gearbest to online for sale.

So this is running at 1.5 GHz max?

Yes, this is few months old news, it’s Amlogic fault.

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The hardkernel team found a way to run S905@1.75 GHz

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