Khadas Vim info

When will you list accesories for the board, you have said that it will be this week?

Ubuntu image, will it be ready soon?

Actually I am interested, what kind of accessories will be released?! Remote controller for sure, but what else?

Can I use Vim with 2.4A adaptor also, or just less than 2.1A?

Yes, will release in this week, and together with a detailed instructions about ‘how to build ubuntu from scratch’, so developers can build their own ROM also.

@willow confirm and reply the accessories question.

the accessories will be launch for sales in the 1st stage including:

  • Remote controller
  • HDMI Cable(Litter size and better match for VIM)
  • DC adapters
  • Cooling fan & Mounting case.

Yes, sure 2.4A adapter is okay, but just ensure that the voltage output is 5.0V!

any link for the accessories sale


About remote:
So there is IR controller built-in.
Is it possible to turn power on by remote controller? Can you give more information?

About Libreelec:
I’m much interested in Libreelec as a primary OS. Builds, that people post on freaktab/libreelec for S905X do not run on Khadas? What is working and what is not on Libreelec?


There is an IR Receiver on-board…lower left in this photo…

Freaktab users Kszaq’s and Balbes150’s OE/LE will likely work on the VIM.
But having a version custom-tailored to the VIM may offer many advantages, depending on the level of tune.

question: it possible to turn power on by remote controller? Can you give more information?
answer: yes, it is.
click it, it is stand-by.
there are three methods to power off

  1. long click on remote until a new windows opening with words “power off”, click "OK"on remote, the device will be power off.
  2. long click the button on the Device to have a new windows and click “OK”
  3. set up the time to power by on setting menu

about power on the device, rules are the same with the above steps.

LibreELEC can be working on Khadas VIM, and there is video of 4K UHD Processing testing on our forum, you can check

What is working and what is not on Libreelec?
maybe you can tell us more about your question.

hello, we are pushing to Gearbest, will be released this week.

I just hope i won’t wait too long for the board, i didn’t receive 5 items i ordered almost two months ago, this has never happened to me, it’s like someone is stealing the stuff i order from the internet.

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I mean components’ work in general. Like non-working bluetooth or wifi or video acceleration in kodi.

Libreelec build for C2 is not suitable? Not seeing ready-to-use project on github.

Gearbest as sending the device right now? Or its a preorder?

Hi, Elgato:
We have released LibreELEC ROM for the VIM, check the link for more details.

in the video the user hold remote look like beelink model…

Can the Google Play store be side-loaded on the Vims version of Android?

Yes, just make sure that the you enable Unknown sources in the Settings.

  • What HDR standards does it support? HDR10 and/or Dolby Vision?
  • Does 4K playback support h.264@60fps? (i see h.265 is listed)
  • Does the card come by default in a multi-boot configuration? (the info I see simply mentions many OSs supported) If so, can I make it a single-boot (android) to regain space?
  • Will the Android OS continue to be developed? (many projects get abandoned)
  • How is DLNA/Miracast implemented? Is it turned on in Android?
  • Can I update the OS on the EMMC via linux? (i see windows info)
  • I would prefer a Barrel Jack to power the unit (so I can keep USB-C) so I think I can use the VIN connector? Do yiu have a link to info/cable howto?

I wanted to say, I love the layout of the Vim. The ports being on one side is a big plus in my opinion. I hope my order ships soon so I can start tinkering. :smiley:

It’s HDR10 and HLG HDR, but not Dolby Vision.

4K H.265/VP9 60fps, and low latency 1080p h.264 60fps. Take a look of the datasheet of S905X for further info.

  • The board pre-installed with android
  • VIM Pro model(16GB eMMC) is recommenced for multi-OS on-board EMMC
  • VIM model(8GB eMMC) can also support multi-OS, would be better install 2nd OS on TF card or USB Disk

Yes, we will.

Yes, on Android

Yes, check Khadas Docs for the instructions

Yes, VIN extra power supply port would be okay for Barrel Jack adapter.
Sorry, not yet now.


Does this mean we will get for example upgrade to nougat, or we will only see maybe some squashed bugs?

Most of devices sold, never get any Os upgrade, so you are saying this board will change things?

You have said you will list accesories this week, tomorrow is saturday, and i don’t believe anything will be added this weekend?

Still nothing listed on Gearbest…

Gearbest made the most useful Vim video, i learned a lot about the board in those few minutes, tbh i was really happy after viewing it, didn’t regret my decision to buy the device.

So my question is when will we be able to see more videos, tutorials, and all the stuff related to the board, i want to know how to use it in every possible way, i want to see it in action.

I know i ask too much, and maybe i am boring, but i am excited to see what i bought, and few more videos would be a good commercial for the board.