Khadas Vim info

Hi, i have preordered this board, i want to know when and where can i buy accesories for it?

When will linux images be ready?

Power plug is over type-c, so i need usb power adapter for supplying it?

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about the accessories, we will push the gearbest to be sold.

  1. we have arranged the accessories to to publish on web.
  2. manufacturing has been on schedule.
    about the linux images AND type-C , will be answered by other colleague.

Hi, Tommy:
What do you mean of linux images?

  • Linux mainline
  • Linux distributions like Ubuntu?

About the power over type-c, note it’s 5V@2000mA as recommend, you can use any USB power adapters match the specs.

I meant Linux distributions, but i’m interested in both, i am hoping that this device will be supported for a long time, because i have seen many manufacturers abandon their products.

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both will be done and release in this month, and we will release LibreELEC for Khadas VIM source code on our Github next week first.

Yes, we will support VIM for a long term, and will also launch different product lines in the future.

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When will gb start selling accesories, because i want to buy some staff for it, will it be this month too?

@Tommy21 I will reply back to you tomorrow after i confirm with G.B.

You really are fast and precise with answers, thanks, now i really look forward to this board :slight_smile:)

I do have few more questions, will there be a usb to sata bridge, i have one ssd that can be used for it?

Did you sent this board for review to anyone, i would like to see how it works?

We arrange 20 PCS sample to different websites, but still wait some time for the reviews.

For SSD, you can use any USB to SATA bridge.

Hello, Gearbest has stated “next week” from a post they made yesterday on Freaktab. So not too long now.

@RDFTKV @Tommy21 yes, I confirm that next week the accessories will be on sale.

New video out, introducing Vim’s hardware, mine got dispatched today :).

I do have one thing to ask you, why didn’t you include regular power supply in the package, because it doesn’t have to be powered over usb type-c, i think it would be a better solution, at least for me.

I know it’s more or less irrelevant, but if this port is otg, i would like to have it free, if there’ s a need to switch something on it, it seems more appropriate?

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Hi, Tommy:
A interesting question, yes, USB-C port is for both power supplay and USB OTG for the VIM, but there are at least two other ways to power supply for VIM:

  • VIN Extra Power Input
  • USB Host Power Input
    Check Khadas Docs for details.

Yes, as what you said, may be need more appropriate for different users, so we designed:

  • Two USB Host for USB devices
  • Two USB Host on 40-Pin GPIO for more expansion
  • VIN port for extra power input when users need USB-C port works as OTG function.

And one more important reason is that: we design Khadas VIM with USB-C for a long term planning, we are designing another Khadas product line, with the same board size & IO ports, and then the USB-C port specs as USB-3.0 with up to 5Gbps rate and support both audio & video.

Thanks for the info, i really look forward to this board, especially after viewing the video, but you didn’t understand me.

I was not criticising usb type c port on the board, type c is the future, that is a good move

I would like to have power adapter for the VIN extra power input included in the original package instead of type c cable that will come with this board, and now i need a spare usb adapter, which luckily i have, but can’t hook up anything on type-c otg, because the port is powering the board.

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You can use USB male-to-male cable for the extra power input in your case.

Yes, we might need to consider a VIN-to-USB accessory in the future.:slight_smile:

Strangely Gearbest claims that it comes with a power supply?

By Eldridge Dec-14/2016 12:12:49
Is the power supply included?
Hello Eldridge,
Yes, the power supply is included.
Best Regards

Type c cable is included, we need usb adapter to power supply the device, so that isn’t true.

Yes, as @Tommy21 said , an USB adapter specs as 5V/2000mA is recommended.

iphone usb adaptor only 1A
can it be used or need more power
another iphone adaptor is 2.4A it is recommended

1A output adapter might be also okay, but just can not carry peripherals like HDD or so.