Khadas Tone Board without headphone amplifier?

Hello, I bought a Khadas Tone Board and I am fascinated by the sound. I use the following connecting scheme:
PC - KTB - Headphones (Superlux HD330), without headphone amplifier and I like the volume and the sound quality.
My concern is that I readed about some ‘‘rule’’ of matching a DAC to a headphone amplifier in impedance ratio, typically 1:10. Output impedance of Khadas DAC is 100 Ohm and the input impedance of the next device must be 1000 Ohm (1KOhm), but my headphones are only 150 Ohm.
Is Khadas DAC in danger of harm because my headphones are only 150 ohms?

Hi @Slavic,
The TB is DAC, and to drive your headphone, you still need a headphone amp. Our recommended connection is:
PC --> TB DAC --> HPA(headphone Amp) --> headphone.

And you can follow your headphone to find a right one HPA.

Have fun!

this one not true!!! u can use any headphones without problem :wink:

Yeah, I know that, but Khadas DAC has own op amps and can drives sensitive headphones like mine.
The main topic is, if I use it without headphones amp, will be any danger for Khadas DAC becouse of low impedance of my headphones (150 Ohm)?

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NO! its not danger for DAC ! for example u can shot by ZERO Ohm dac output - its same not danger - :wink:

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Thank you @hyphop for the answer, that’s exactly what I was hoping for.

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Can anyone share to me an impedance matching circuit between khadas tone board and 150 ohm headphones? This will be good and safety for the DAC, since it is designed for high impedance loads such as amplifiers.

and what exactly is your problem? As far as I understand from the branch, an additional headphone amplifier is recommended, and there you can already pick up headphones according to the amplifier and vice versa :slightly_smiling_face:

I am looking for solution without headphone amplifier.

but you like everything!:slightly_smiling_face:

I just want to correct impedance mismatch between DAC and HP to avoid future problems.

what specific problem are we talking about, which do you think could happen?

You tell me, which do you think could happen?

By the way, there is a good portable headphone amplifier 150 Ohms guaranteed,has built-in codecs,
this is a full sound card.
And there is another not expensive from Esynic.!

tone board + 150 Ohms HP == no need additional amp

judging by the story, as I understand it, everything is fine, but the person doubts, and as Gouwa said above, for a proper connection you need a separate headphone amplifier :slightly_smiling_face:

what is proper its very smooth

if u need use TONE BOARD without additional amp sure u can
its same safe

if u care about super sound quality its very hard question and depends from many things ,

another question can you feel the difference;)

as they say, appetite comes with eating! First I want a headphone amplifier, then Bluetooth, then a digital display with a remote control, various inputs / outputs, etc., yes, it’s very convenient, of course, for a reasonable price, all in one device! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I almost forgot the most important thing, the sound quality!:grin:

Thank you gentlemen for your time, I decided to order a headphone amplifier. When it arrives, I will compare the sound of KTB with and without the amplifier and if I don’t hear any difference I will sell the amplifier.

Best regards,

which amplifier did you order?