Khadas Tone Board without headphone amplifier?

I’m hesitating between JDS Atom and Monolith Liquid Spark.

let know about the results! :slightly_smiling_face:

I just ordered JDS Atom because of better measurement.

JDS Atom arrived today and I tested it immediately. I am confused from the result. I didn’t hear any difference between KTB with amp and KTB without amp. The only one difference, was louder sound from JDS Atom, but in the same quality.

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hi, as I understand it, we are talking about a “blind” test?

No, but i think it doesn’t matter what is the method? I hear not difference. Perhaps the problem is in my hearing.

i think u must remember - i have write about this :wink: !

Well, in this case, I mean, you just listened or took measurements for more accurate information?

Yeah, @hyphop was right. Just have a good time with your loved music.

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