Khadas tone board S/PDIF Connection

Good morning
I have purchased a KHADAS TONE BOARD DAC.
I have it connected by usb cable to the pc and the rca outputs to a Denon amplifier.
The problem I have is that it loses the connection and I have to unplug the usb and reconnect it to recover the sound.
I have read that this is a problem that other people have and that a solution would be to connect with spdif instead of usb.
My entry in pc is Spdif Toslink (square)
The output of the KHADAS TONE BOARD is coaxial spfif.
I don’t know if there is a cable with these characteristics or I need an adapter.
I would appreciate if you could give me a solution.
Thanks in advance

You can buy a cheap coaxial to toslino converter to carry out this function.
Something like the below would work:

Hi. I generally do not recommend using such adapters, I admit that problems occur due to their fault, I would recommend connecting everything directly

He has stated that he doesn’t have the output required on his PC. Although not the ideal solution it at least gives an option to connect to his amp.
Should a better solution exist I would be happy to hold up my hands and accept it.

I understand that everyone has a different connection scheme, and the more complicated it is, the harder it is to set up ideally, I myself know how much this is due to high-quality analog output

Ok, but I don’t see how to do it without this type of adapter

In fact, the whole point is that through type-c you need to support the board with sufficient power supply, if it is not directly connected to vim, of course, it will be difficult to perform several functions for TB through a single usb cable, hence the problem seems to me and people are looking for workarounds

Are you telling me that if I connect the TONE1 to a vim board, will I solve the problem? which vim should it be?
The point is that I have tried to use Khadas tone board on the pc to replace a sound card

As practice shows, if you have an independent power supply to the TB board, then this is by definition better than if you will output sound to the TB from one USB cable and simultaneously supply it with sufficient power, you do not need to have vim additionally for this, but ideally, an independent power supply should be supplied to the TB board

I am very ignorant, but it would be a solution to connect the 40-pin header to the power supply of the pc and also connect it by usb. In this way it would have double power support and the data would be transmitted by usb cable.

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Yes, I think you understand correctly, here you will need to choose the connection scheme yourself, as it will be more convenient for you, but I think that in this way there should be less problems.

But I must note of course that Tone Board + vims are of course made for each other.

I have a doubt. My intention is to feed the dac from the power supply with a 2-pin connector output molex cable connected to the dac at pins 1 and 21 of the 40-pin connector.
I need to know how I transmit the data to you.
If I do it through usb c, I understand that then it will have double 5v power and I do not think it is correct. Should I cut the cables that supply current from the usb?
Thank you

Hello, Have a look here.

Also may want to review this article.

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