Khadas Tone Board no right channel

One day i was listening to my beloved KTB and turned off all of the system. On the other day when i powered all on i noticed that the right channel was not working. So i have changed the RCA and USB cables but with no luck. I have another DAC and so i’ve plugged it for a test and it is working fine.
Is there something else that i can try? Is there some kind of warranty for the KTB?

I don’t think that a single audio channel can blow out for no reason…

did you ensure the connection, I see sometimes that the stereo connection works if the connection is slightly turned, try tinkering with that and see if you have an output…

Seems strange to me too!

The connections are ok. As i mentioned i tried another RCA/USB working OK on another setup first with still no right channel so i swapped the DAC and the 2 channels are OK. So deffinetly something is wrong with the board i think.

did you ensure there is no physical damages ? If you can try to provide some pictures of the board.
we can’t blame the silicon underneath, as we can’t observe it right away…

hi, please clarify in which bundle you use TB, is it together with vim or via usb with a PC?

Can you double check with the connections.

BTW, a hi-res picture showing the KTB & connections will be helpful for us to figure out the issue if there the issue not resolved.

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I don’t see any. Here are some pictures.

I use it via USB with a PC.

The connections are ok i guess. The pictures are up.

please change to another usb cable

Hi , it is requesting access, try turning it to be publicly viewable…

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and also, if possible, check the connection via spdif, thanks

if you are using any software, make sure that the settings are all correctly set

Yeah, sometimes the channel can be messed up as set to mono or something…

i just really hope this is not a TB hardware problem
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Same here I cannot see the picture :frowning:

As i said earlier…i did try another USB. No luck.
But i do not have any SPDIF type of connection to test it…
The soft is as always. No change there i have checked 3 times! Tried it also on my Android media player where there is no driver needed and again no right channel.

I did, sorry.

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No problem buddy, I will take a look, if anyone else has a Tone, I request call them to check it out to…

sorry, I wanted to say, try different ports in the computer, and if possible, try to connect on another computer

I took a peek at your pictures, your right channel’s coax port pin looks ever so slightly bent, maybe it could be a effect of seeing it at an angle, can you make sure that the solder joints are strong, no physical PCB damage ?

also your PCB is a bit dusty, you might want to wipe the dust off, it can lead to short circuits :exclamation:

The pins on the SPDIF and all other are in perfect condition (took close up pictures, they are uploaded in the same link, you can take a look)! The dust looks bad only on the pictures because I’ve used flash. Nothing to wipe.
Solder joints look good!

Hmm, then maybe you need to take a look at the RCA plug itself ?